Bride Kicks Out Guests Who Flout Child-Free Wedding Rules, Internet Cheers

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It's a rare and beautiful thing for a wedding story to go viral where neither the bride nor groom were the villain.

A bride is left wondering if she's the bad guy after giving a couple of wedding guests the boot.

They had attended her child-free wedding with both of their children, but the bride worries that she went too far.

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Most of Reddit is a cesspool -- like YouTube comments without the video.

But just like comments sections, the site does hold some real gems.

A bride took to a Reddit page known as AITA -- for Am I the Assh--e? -- over guilty feelings from her wedding.

No, she didn't cheat. She wasn't, as far as we can tell, a bridezilla.

She hosted a firmly child-free wedding.

When a couple of people who were invited brought their children with them anyway, however, she asked the family to leave.

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Here is the story of the woman who wants to know if she's the villain of this story.

The bride explains that all of her wedding invitations made it very clear that her wedding would be child-free.

There are many good reasons for a child-free wedding, from expense to atmosphere to the hours of the reception.

The sole exception to her ban was the children who would take part in the wedding party.

Even those children were to be picked up before the reception started.

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Two of the guests were longtime friends of the bride's family.

She said that she did not know them particularly well, but felt an obligation to invite them.

It happens. Weddings are big events and no one wants to be snubbed.

Unfortunately, these two apparently felt that the child-free rule expressed on the invitation did not apply to them.

They brought with them their infant and their toddler.

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The bride tells Reddit that she just ignored the flagrant breach during the wedding ceremony.

It was her special day and, though the infant was fussy during the exchange of vows, she didn't want to make a big deal of it.

Then, however, came the reception.

The couple brought their children to the event at which even the children who had been part of the wedding were not present.

This was when the bride knew that she had to take action.

She sent her wedding planner over to politely ask the couple when their children would be picked up.

That should have been the end of it -- but it was not.

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It is worth noting that, at this point, the couple's very young children were growing cranky.

The wedding-planner's helpful hint should have been enough to resolve the issue with minimal embarrassment.

Instead, the couple decided to argue with the wedding-planner.

Apparently it was so bad that the bride herself felt the need to personally step in, on her actual wedding day.

The "family friend" then told the bride that the couple didn't need anyone to pick up their kids because they could look after them themselves.

That was absolutely never the point.

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Finally, the bride simply told the couple that they needed to leave.

The bride asked the denizens of Reddit what they thought of her, and she got her answer.

The story went viral because so many people sided with her.

Some, including members of her own family, felt that she should have continued to suffer in silence while these two nightmare guests flouted the rules.

Those people are wrong.

While there are child-free weddings who make exceptions for infants who are still nursing or for families facing certain hardships, you have to get permission first.

Good for this bride for standing up for herself.

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