Jay Smith Begs 90 Day Fiance Fans for Cash

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Last week, 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith made his cheating scandal even worse by trying to deflect blame.

Now, he's scrambling for money for a place to stay.

Like other 90 Day Fiance stars, he's turning to fans for help and has created a GoFundMe.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, Wedding Day Photo

Now that Jay Smith's relationship with Ashley Martson has apparently imploded, he is looking for a place to stay.

On Sunday, December 30, he launchd a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising the money.

"Help me get and my feet an a place to stay," he writes on the page.

Below, where one's personal story usually goes, he simply writes: "Need help to get in my feet."

He is hoping to raise $5,000.

The GoFundMe page has been shared well over 1,000 times on Facebook and that number continues to rise.

As of Monday morning, he had only raised $45. Forty-five dollars. That is not a typo.

Jay Smith 90 Day gofundme

Ashley had spoken about the difficulty of dealing with Jay after she learned that he was cheating.

it's not like he has any family in the country with whom he could potentially crash if she just kicked him out of her home.

It appears that she made sure that Jay continued to have a place to stay, perhaps even with her.

But that unpleasant discovery was months ago, and it looks like she decided that it's time.

On top of this GoFundMe, Jay also posted and then deleted an image of him driving a U-Haul truck.

That's a pretty clear way to announce that you're moving.

Ashley Martson 90 Day gofundme

Ashley shared a GoFundMe page of her own ... though, to be clear, she didn't make the page.

Someone or another created a "Help Ashley send Jay's cheating ass back to Jamaica" page.

Ashley was entertained, but only as a joke.

"READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!!!! This is NOT my go fund me," she writes on Instagram.

Ashley continues: "However, if you would like to send me money I have no issue sending you my Venmo."

That's very relatable.

"And this is what we call a 'JOKE,'" she says of the campaign that had not raised any money.

"But," she concludes. "If you insist and continue to bash me for asking for money (because you can’t read) then here you go! ashley-Martson-1."

Ashley Martson is Done With Jay Smith

As you may recall, Ashley caught Jay video-chatting with another woman.

This was almost immediately after they married in America -- and months after their wedding ceremony in Jamaica.

He then admitted to her that he had created a Tinder account.

This is a couple who overcame an age gap and national boundaries and then a terrorist threat against their lives by a violent racist.

In the end, they were undone by Jay's cheating.

It's hard to say if this was his attempt to sabotage a relationship about which he had second thoughts ... or if he's just a cheater.

Jay Smith accuses

Of course, Jay took to his Instagram stories over the weekend to insinuate that he's not the only villain in their relationship.

"Fyi, for everyone coming at me," Jay began his post.

Jay claims: "I wasn't the only one who was 'talking' aka 'cheating' with other people during our relationship/marriage."

That is kind of hard to swallow for a lot of 90 Day Fiance viewers.

From day one, Jay has boasted about his sex drive and sexual conquests, and even spoken about using his tattoo business to score with ladies.

The fact that he avoids directly saying "Ashley cheated" also strikes a number of fans as a sign that he's just, once again, trying to deflect blame.

Jay and Ashley, 90 Day Fiance

A quick reminder about GoFundMe pages, folks.

If someone like Jay creates one for himself and says he'll use the money to live his life, that sounds pretty safe.

If you donate that money, it goes to him. Just like with Danielle Mullins and just like with Steven Frend.

A dubious "help Ashley send Jay to Jamaica" account is very different.

She didn't make it, so the money isn't going to her. Whoever made it could spend any money donated however they like.

Also ... while it's possible that Jay could eventually be sent back to Jamaica by the US government or could return on his own, you can't just "send" him somewhere.

He's a human being, not a parcel.

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