Jay Smith Makes 90 Day Fiance Cheating Scandal Even Worse

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After overcoming adversity and even racist death threats, Ashley and Jay weren't undone by any outside force.

Instead, everything went to crap when Jay cheated on Ashley.

On Thursday, Jay tried to do damage control with 90 Day Fiance fans. It didn't really work the way he'd hoped.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith "Wedding" Photo

"I found out that Jay made an account and was talking to multiple women, trying to meet with them" Ashley tearfully revealed onĀ 90 Day Fiance.

"So I looked at Jay," Ashley says in another scene. "And I was like, 'Do you have a Tinder?'"

"And I said, 'she's screenshotting them,'" Ashley narrates of her confrontation with her former fiance.

"I said to him, 'she' sending me the messages right now,'" Ashley continues. "So either you admit to it, or you are out on your f--kin ass."

"And that," Ashley says. "Is when he admitted to everything. And I was like, 'we're done.'"

Even more alarmingly, he punched a hole in the wall -- which should usually be a relationship-ender all by itself.

Jay Smith vague post on Instagram

Jay took to social media to do his level best to put a positive spin on him ruining his own relationship with cheating.

"It happened and it is what it is," Jay writes in his Instagram Stories.

"I cannot go back in time and change the past," he laments, as if his cheating were some cruel twist of fate.

"I can only make a brighter future," he notes.

Jay then writes: "And make up for whosoever heart I have broken."

He seems to be acting like what he has done is some kind of mystery.

Ashley and Jay in Black and White

Jay then posted a series of "wedding" photos that he and Ashley Martson took in Jamaica.

The two considered it more of a commitment ceremony, because their legal wedding was to take place in the United States.

Though these photos have since been deleted by Jay (along with most of what was on his Instagram), we have them for you here.

We also have his very curious caption that accompanied those photos.

As he explains, he and Ashley were already ceremonially married when he decided to cheat on her.

Jay is a difficult man to understand.

Jay Smith deleted IG caption

"We had a non-legal ceremony in 2017 for my family," Jay reveals in his caption. "Since they couldn't make it to the US."

"Those," he explains. "Were the photos floating around."

Many had assumed that Jay and Ashley got married long before the season, because their wedding photos had leaked.

Now, those images are in context.

"I was able to fly to Mexico after for ten days," Jay continues. "Where Ashley and I celebrated."

90 Day Fiance - Jay and Ashley "Wedding" Bonus Photo

"We didn't get our dream wedding in America," he acknowledges.

"But before I came to the US," he writes. "I did get a beautiful Jamaican ceremony."

Jay says: "I know things aren't good between Ashley and I."

"But," he continues. "These photos are memories I never want to forget."

"And memories I wanted to [share] with all of you," he concludes.

Jay Sweeps Ashley Off Her Feet

A couple of hours later, and the photos simply vanished from Instagram.

Maybe Jay thought better of his words.

Maybe he didn't appreciate what 90 Day Fiance fans had to say about him acting like their split was an act of fate.

Or maybe Ashley didn't want to see pics of her in a wedding dress plastered all over the internet and told Jay as much.

We don't know, but we're interested to know more.

What really has us curious is this: how in the world did they keep this a secret for so many months?

They're no longer following each other on social media, but we have a feeling that there's more to this than has been revealed.

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