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Rob Kardashian has had a rough go of it these past few years.

Granted, many — if not most — of Rob’s problems are self-created, but nevertheless, fans have been quick to applaud the troubled 31-year-old for his recent efforts to turn his life around.

Rob with His Dream

Sources close to the former reality star say Rob has lost weight and recommitted himself to a sober, healthy lifestyle in 2019.

And it seems his primary motivation in doing so has been his desire to be more present in the life of his daughter, Dream Kardashian.

As you’re probably aware, Rob has been locked in a bitter custody battle with baby mama for Blac Chyna, which has dragged on for most of Dream’s life.

Chicago West, Dream Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner

The courts have favored Blac time and again, and for very good reason.

After all, Rob has engaged in all manner of horrendous behavior in the years since the breakup, including posting nude photos of Blac on social media as an act of revenge.

But despite Rob’s mistreatment of his ex and his years of well-documented self-destructive behavior, he’s not giving up in his efforts to convince a judge that he can be trusted to care for his daughter.

Blac and Dream

In fact, according to a new report from Radar Online, Rob recently launched a campaign to become Dream’s primary legal guardian.

The site claims that Rob and Kris Jenner recently met with family attorneys and complained that they’re paying far too much in child support for how little time Rob gets to spend with Dream.

Now, the plan is to wage a legal war of attrition and essentially wear Blac down with court battles until she gives in to at least some of Blac’s demands.


“It burns him up so bad that she’s calling the shots right now, not to mention how he and his family are paying through the nose for such little rights," a source tells the site.

“The family will club together and lend him what it takes to mount a serious new legal bid, but only once he sobers up and gets his act together for an extended period.”

Yes, it seems the Kardashians are planning to help Rob wage war against Chyna, but only if he gets his act together.

Blac Chyna at the Mic

“It’s the greatest motivation he could possibly have, and Rob is dead set on making it happen," says the insider.

This could be a brilliant strategy on Kris’ part.

She’s likely well aware that Rob has no chance of winning full custody, but she’s dangling that carrot in front of her son in order to keep him on the path toward self-improvement.

She didn’t get to be the world’s most famous momager by not knowing how to work a situation to her advantage.