Rob Kardashian: I'm Writing a Book, Please Buy It So I Can Move Out of My Mom's House!

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Man, what happened to Rob Kardashian?

Nothing good, we'll tell you that for free.

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

Remember back in the day, when the Kardashians first started being a thing?

Rob was going to college, he had his own home, he even landed Adrienne Bailon from the Cheetah Girls, for goodness' sake.

Then, at some point, things started going downhill fast.

To give just the simplest, quickest recap, Rob dated Rita Ora in 2012, and then they broke up because he claimed that she cheated on him a ton.

Rob Kardashian in 2011

After that, he started eating his feelings and gaining a lot of weight, and after that, he became a big ol' hermit.

He also stopped appearing regularly on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but at one point, his family was discussing getting him into rehab on the show, so it sounds like he may have developed a drug problem, too.

So did he have a breakdown in there somewhere?

Seems like it, yeah.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

But then he started dating Blac Chyna, and they got engaged and she got pregnant a few minutes later.

Everyone thought that she was kind of good for him because he lost a lot of weight and stopped hiding away in his house.

Except then they broke up and a never-ending cycle of drama and lawsuits began, so hey, maybe not so much.

These days, Rob and Chyna are in court dealing with the issue of child support ... because Rob simply cannot pay it.

Rob with His Dream

Earlier this month, he requested that his monthly $20,000 payments be dropped, and he also suggested that she should be the one giving him child support.

The issue, he claimed, is that he makes less than $10,000 a month now, and his financial situation is so bad that he's had to move into his mother's house.

He's $300,000 in debt, he's said, and his sock business just isn't paying the bills.

And that's why, according to a new report from Radar Online, he's going to write a book!

Rob Kardashian with His Dream

As a source explains, "These child support payments -- combined with his high maintenance lifestyle -- have totally bled Rob dry and he's barely got a dollar to his name right now."

"He's borrowing off his family members," the insider continues, "and desperately needs to raise big bucks, which is why a tell-all is his best immediate option."

So what kind of money would he be looking at if he did spill all his deep, dark secrets in a book?

Well, apparently "he could make anything up to a million if he gets candid about his weight struggles and turbulent private life."

Rob Kardashian in a Car

Of course, "he'll need to watch what he says about Chyna because she and her lawyers will be watching like hawks!"

Fair enough.

OK, but this whole thing is super, super dumb, and we'll tell you why.

Writing a book and publishing it and all that is a lot of work, and we all know that Rob is not terribly fond of work.

Why not just suck it up and get back on the family's reality show?

A Rob Kardashian Selfie

He could make a lot more money by just living his life with cameras watching -- like, he could make hundreds of thousands of dollars by sitting at Kris' table and talking trash about Blac Chyna.

We're sure he could also book a number of interviews, and he would likely be paid well for actually talking about what's been going down in his life.

Sure, he'd be in a position where people could look at him, which seems like something he's really not into.

But he's 31 years old, living at his mom's house, $300,000 in debt, and unable to pay his child support.

Like we said, it may be time to suck it up.

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