Kelly Dodd to Bravo: FIRE Vicki Gunvalson Like You Fired Phaedra Parks!

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This feud has turned into a mess.

Kelly Dodd wants Vicki Gunvalson fired for slander, and she's not backing down.

Producers are losing their minds, and Kelly is citing Phaedra Park's firing as precedent for what Vicki deserves.

Kelly Dodd For Bravo

RadarOnline reports that Kelly Dodd is doubling down on her insistence that Vicki Gunvalson get the boot from Bravo.

"This is a nightmare for producers," an insider reveals.

Some feuding is great for ratings. But this is too much, and they don't want to lose either star.

Producers are fretting, the source says, "because Kelly is very important to the show."

"And," the insider adds, Kelly "has a such a large fan base."

Meanwhile, Vicki is the reigning chamption of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Vicki Gunvalson at the Reunion Special

Producers are hoping that they can smooth things over -- and that, when it's time for contracts, that they can smooth things over.

"They are hoping to fix this," the source says.

"And," the insider continues, the plan is to "have the two ladies mediate."

Like a divorcing couple, except with frenemies who are also castmates.

That's what Bravo wants to do, the source says, "but Kelly has made up her mind:"

"Vicki goes," the insider says. "Or she walks."

Kelly Dodd Flips Out

The way that Kelly sees it, there is precedent for her demand.

"Kelly believes if Phaedra was fired, then Vicki should be, too," the source explains.

Phaedra was fired after she was caught in a lie.

She didn't accuse anyone of doing coke -- she claimed that Kandi Burruss attempted to drug and rape castmate Porsha Williams.

There's nothing funny about sexual assault.

And if Kelly is hoping that Vicki will get the axe, she's mistaken.

Vicki Gunvalson at the 2018 Reunion Special

"There is pretty much no way that they will fire Vicki," an insider admits. "Ever."

Some Housewives come and go, but it looks like Vicki is forever.

Think of it this way.

You know stories about high school quarterbacks who commit serious infractions at school without consequence?

It's because they're performing well for the school, and the school is willing to look the other way for sports reasons.

(Similarly, I have a friend who was more or less untouchable at her terrible high school because her test scores brought up the school average)

You might look at Vicki in a similar light.

Of course, Vicki's claim wasn't as shocking in any way as what Phaedra was exposed lying about.

Kelly Dodd Threatens to Leave RHOC

Kelly Dodd is threating to leave on social media ... but is she really serious?

Wasn't it just last year that Tamra Judge was demanding that the network fire Vicki Gunvalson?

As we all remember, the two of them reconciled.

(Now, Tamra and Shannon are the ones on the outs)

And we have to point out that Kelly Dodd hasn't only been on the receiving end of accusations.

A couple of years back -- almost exactly -- Kelly accused Tamra of abusing steroids.

Kelly Dodd Hugs Daughter Jolie

We're starting to latch onto this crazy notion that maybe the Housewives should cool their jets with the drug accusations.

If someone is a truly bad parent, contact social services. Don't fling unsubstantiated claims on camera.

And don't make drug accusations, period. You don't have any evidence and, even if you did, that should be off-limits.

Remember when, like, organized crime had all of these rules about who could and could not be targeted?

Maybe the Housewives should have some terms of engagement so that nobody's accusing anybody else of being a coke fiend or whatever.

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

We understand the temptation to go all in with a feud, especially at a reunion special.

After all, being on a Housewives franchise, like being on a lot of reality television, is a little like The Purge.

A lot of basic social rules go flying out the window because producers are encouraging people to act out for the cameras.

That's where the drama comes from.

But you risk lawsuits, for one thing.

And you also risk a feud intensifying to the point where two stars refuse to film together.

That's when the conflict that hooks viewers begins sabotaging the show.

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