Rob Kardashian: I'm Broke and I Live With My Mom!

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Rob Kardashian is going through some things right now, folks.

Yesterday, the world learned that Rob can't afford to pay child support to his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

Normally, we'd call BS on that, but in Rob's case, we actually believe he's broke.

Of course, it's entirely his fault that he's broke, and he's been given every possible advantage in life, so he still doesn't deserve a shred of sympathy.

Anyway, Rob and Chyna are mired in an increasingly ugly court battle due to his refusal to fork over the $20,000 a month they initially agreed on.

Rob with His Dream

It's a bad situation for everyone involved, but at least it's yielding some interesting insights into Rob's increasingly sad existence.

According to his documents filed by his lawyers, Rob has “minimal cash flow and no savings.” 

Of course, this is all relative, and as we learned yesterday, Rob is still pulling in $10,000 a month from royalties and endorsement deals.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Split

But that's down from a reported $100,000 in the days before he started dating Chyna.

(Rob says the relationship hurt his earning potential. We say he probably did that himself by posting revenge porn of Chyna and generally being an asshat.)

You don't have to be a mathematician to see that Rob can't afford to shell out twice his monthly income in child support -- but it's worth noting that that appears to be his only expense.


"As of January 17, 2018, I am short nearly $300,000, which my accountant projects I will need to pay for my 2017 tax liabilities,” Rob said in court documents released this week.

“I no longer own a home. I now live in my mother’s home.”

Woof. 300 grand in debt and living at home with his mom?

Rob Kardashian in a Car

Needless to say, Rob's not exactly killing it these days -- but don't worry, he's got a plan!

And apparently, it involves having his mom buy half of his sock company.

Yes, in case you somehow forgot, Rob designs socks that no one wants to buy, probably because they're overpriced socks designed by Rob Kardashian.

Rob & JINA

But the unpopularity of the Arthur George line isn't keeping Rob from pushing forward with the venture in the hope that it will help him dig out of this financial hole.

Rob told the court that he hoped the sock line would “would grow and that my earnings would increase,” but instead -- shocker! -- he lost money on the investment.

Kris Jenner swooped in to keep the company alive, and she now “50 percent share in the company."

Cool. Now if Rob can just get Kris to pay 50 percent of his child support, he'll be all set.

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