Mackenzie Standifer Shares Update on Ryan Edwards, First Baby Photo

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Mackenzie Standifer offered a couple of treats for her social media followers on Halloween.

First, the long-time reality star provided fans with their very first glimpse of Jagger, the baby to whom she gave birth in October.

It was a fleeting glimpse, mind you. Some might even take issue with this being labeled a glimpse at all.

But... hey, there is a baby in the photo below, alright?!?

Mackenzie Standifer Baby Pic... Sort Of

Standifer simply included a black heart emoji as a caption to this image of Jagger and his 10-year old brother, Bentley, both of whom were out and about on Halloween night.

Mackenzie has often used this same unusual graphic across her Instagram, prompting some to believe it's meant as jab at Edwards, who continues to get into trouble with the law.

But Standifer insists the emoji has nothing to do with her often-jailed husband.

"So here’s the deal about my use of [the black heart]," she wrote two weeks ago online.

"There’s nothing behind it except for the fact that it’s different from your everyday [red heart]. Sorry to disappoint. Lol. There’s no hidden or cryptic messages behind it...

"It’s just a heart shaped emoji that happens to be black instead of red."

A Kiss for Ryan

Oh. Okay then.

Standifer made a return to Teen Mom OG this past Monday evening in order to discuss Bentley possibly going to private school with his grandparents.

She and Ryan had previously quit the MTV franchise, with Mackenzie claiming the network didn't want to be associated with a recovering drug addict such as Edwards.

Mackenzie, never one to mince words, then shared a photo of Teen Mom cameras being set up around her home, writing in the caption that the scene being shot was "Faaakkkkkeeeeeeeeeee" and strongly implying that everything one sees on the show is fake.

Sorry, "Faaakkkkkeeeeeeeeeee."

But Ryan's run-ins with the law have been very real.

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot (New)

Because he was arrested (AGAIN) for drug possession earlier this year, Edwards actually missed Jagger's birth.

According to various sources, he has never met his second son.

There's been talk (below) of Standifer leaving Edwards at last and taking their son with her, but she seemed to shoot down such chatter in an Instagram response last night.

"Where is Ryan? As a fellow addict I wish him the best. Is he in treatment still?" a follower asked Standifer in reply to her Halloween picture, to which she directly responded:

He is doing SO good. Proud of him.

doing so good

We think this is the first time Mackenzie has even acknowledged that Edwards is in treatment.

Perhaps that's progress, considering Standifer spent the better part of the last year insisting that Edwards was clean and sober following his 2017 weeks-long rehab stint.

Despite the many times Edwards has faced drug charges, Mackenzie has continued to deny that her husband has a substance abuse problem.

But he does. No one can say any differently now.

For the sake of his very precious two children, let's just hope he takes the proper steps to kick it once and for all.

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