Mackenzie Standifer: Leaving Ryan Edwards and Taking the Baby?! [UPDATED]

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If you keep up with Teen Mom news, then you already know what's going on with Mackenzie Standifer right now.

She just had her baby!

Of course, Ryan Edwards wasn't there for the birth, but we'll get more into that in a moment.

Especially because, thanks to this new update from Mackenzie, we're kind of getting some vibes that she's had enough of Ryan.

What's going on?!

1. A Wild Ride

A Wild Ride
Ryan and Mackenzie ... well, they haven't had a fairytale romance, that's for sure.

2. The Truth

The Truth
Mostly because Ryan has a sincerely awful drug problem.

3. Plus This

Plus This
Mackenzie seems to move pretty fast, too -- she's only 21 years old, and she's already had two husbands and two children.

4. Moving On

Moving On
In fact, she got engaged to Ryan just a few months after divorcing her first husband.

5. Laying It All Out

Laying It All Out
So we know that they were only dating a few months, at most, when they got engaged in December of 2016.

6. So Sad

So Sad
And we also know that Ryan was deep into his addiction during that time.

7. Ugh

We won't do a full rundown of everything, but let's just hit the high points real quick, OK?

8. So Much Evidence

So Much Evidence
Ryan was suspected of having a drug problem long before Mackenzie even came into the picture -- there's been plenty of evidence during his scenes on Teen Mom OG.

9. Shady

And although Mackenzie has tried to claim otherwise, she definitely knew about Ryan's problem before she married him.

10. A Disaster

A Disaster
In March of last year, Ryan was arrested after police pulled him over and found heroin and syringes in his car.

11. No Consequences

No Consequences
He was placed on probation, and he was just a few months into it when he and Mackenzie got married in that infamous parking lot ceremony.

12. Nope

And who could forget that while driving to the wedding, Ryan was clearly very, very high?

13. And Yet

And Yet
But still, Mackenzie married him, and pretty much immediately after that, he went off to rehab.

14. Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough
He left his program early, claiming that he was all better, but that was not the case.

15. Why?!

Even though there were plenty of signs that Ryan was still not well, Mackenzie married him AGAIN that November.

16. ... Yay?

... Yay?
A couple of months later, they learned they were expecting their first child together, and Ryan seemed super unexcited about the news.

17. Another Option

Another Option
Or he could have just been super high, since he failed a drug test and violated his probation a couple of months after that.

18. Oh, Girl

Oh, Girl
Even after that, Mackenzie continued to make excuses for him.

19. Too Much

Too Much
And when he was arrested a third time in July for violating his probation by missing a court date, well, she continued to stand by her man.

20. Wow

Earlier this month, reports claimed that Ryan had checked into rehab again, this time for six months of trreatment.

21. On the Bright Side ...

On the Bright Side ...
The good thing about that is that six months of treatment will give Ryan a real chance at getting clean for good.

22. Poor Mackenzie

Poor Mackenzie
But the sad part about it is that he missed the birth of his second child.

23. Awww

Yep, on October 9th, Mackenzie reportedly gave birth to a baby boy she named Jagger Ryan Edwards.

24. Where Is He?!

Where Is He?!
We haven't seen a picture of the baby yet, but according to some new comments from Mackenzie, we probably never will.

25. Cute, Kind Of

Cute, Kind Of
A few days ago, she shared this photo of her holding hands with Ryan, and for her caption, she simply added a black heart emoji.

26. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Which is kind of weird, right? Maybe we're reading too much into it, but the black heart with this bittersweet photo gives off a bit of a "love is dead" vibe.

27. Well Then

Well Then
And then in the comments, someone asked when we, the Teen Mom fans, would be able to see her baby, and she answered with "probably never lol."

28. Interesting

A few comments have been deleted, so it's hard to tell exactly what's going on, but it sounds like she explained that she wasn't trying to be rude by saying that, she just believes that her son never chose to be a public figure, so he should have some privacy.

29. Good

It's a nice stance to take, but the black heart, the sad picture, and the comment about never letting anyone see her new child?

30. A Theory

A Theory
Is she planning on leaving Ryan?!

31. Do You, Mackenzie

Do You, Mackenzie
At this point, could anyone blame her if she did?

32. UPDATE: Guess Who's Back

UPDATE: Guess Who's Back
Mackenzie made an unexpected return to Teen Mom OG on Monday night's episode.

33. Jen and Larry Session

Jen and Larry Session
Mackenzie shared screen time with Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards. Together, the three of them discussed 10-year-old Bentley's education.

34. Prep School Boy

Prep School Boy
“Ryan’s put the money in the education account, so the funding is there for him,” Jen said about her grandson, agreeing with Mackenzie that Bentley should be educated in a private facility. “He’s pretty much adamant about him not going to public school.”

35. Future Conflict

Future Conflict
For obvious reasons, Maci isn't a huge fan of the ide of decisions like this being made without her. Sounds like she might have just gained one more reason to dislike Mackenzie!

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