Farrah Abraham Has Packed on a Ton of Muscle, Looks Like a Different Person

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It's been almost a year since Farrah Abraham got fired from Teen Mom OG, and say what you will about the gal, she certainly didn't waste any time moping around after getting the ax.

Sure Farrah is suing MTV for wrongful termination, but she's also been keeping her nose to the grindstone to ensure that the income keeps coming in as she awaits the outcome of her hail mary lawsuit.

Farrah the Boxer

Farrah is nothing if not a hustler, having cashed in on everything from sex toys to Christian-themed novels over the years.

But believe it or not, her latest project might be her most bonkers business venture to date.

Farrah is a celebrity boxer now, having secured a match against former Flavor of Love star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander.

Farrah Abraham Abs

Normally, fights between washed-up D-listers have very little in common with actual professional boxing matches.

But Farrah is training for this thing like there's a world title at stake.

Abraham has lost weight, gained muscle, and -- according to some of her followers -- she's unrecognizable in her most recent pics.

Farrah without Makeup

Obviously, Farrah has switched her look up before (see the photo below in which she appears to have transformed into Kim Kardashian), but this is something new.

Despite the rumors that Farrah has received ab implants, her latest transformation appears to be entirely natural.

No one has ever accused Farrah of being the sharpest crayon in the box, but we're guessing even she realizes that ab implants can't help her and would very likely hurt her in a boxing match.

Farrah Abraham Kim Kardashian Photo

And if we know anything about Farrah, it's that the girl is as competitive as they come.

Abraham loves Donald Trump, and she seems to approach her life in a similar fashion -- viewing everyone who doesn't constantly sing her praises as an enemy who must be vanquished.

There's no word on how Hoopz is progressing in her own training, but we hope she's taking this thing seriously.

After all, Farrah obviously is, and we'd love nothing more than to see Sophia's mom taken down a peg by getting knocked out in the first round.

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