Teen Mom OG Recap: Look Who's Back!

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Teen Mom OG featured an unexpected return on October 29, 2018.

The MTV drama also revealed something unfortunate about one of the kids featured each week, along with more fighting between Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer.

Yes, it remains ugly between the estranged former spouses.

Scroll down for a full recap of events and developments...

1. Hi There, Mackenzie Standifer

Hi There, Mackenzie Standifer
Standifer had said she was done with the show, but she joined Ryan Edwards’ parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, for a conversation about Bentley’s schooling on this installment.

2. The 10-Year Old Should Attend Private School

The 10-Year Old Should Attend Private School
“Ryan’s put the money in the education account, so the funding is there for him,” Jen said about her grandson's future, agreeing with Mackenzie that Bentley should be educated in a private facility. “He’s pretty much adamant about him not going to public school.”

3. Amen!

Mackenzie chimed in here, adding that her husband is “dead set” on the idea and saying: “A friend of mine is the admissions director, but Maci has to be the one to do all the paperwork. She has to be the one to really get it going."

4. Wait a Minute...

Wait a Minute...
Bookout grew irritated that Jen and Larry would even put the idea of private school into Bentley’s head ... without discussing it with her first. She told her son that just because he wants to go, doesn’t mean he’s gets to go. It's more complicated than that.

5. Why Not Go Public?

Why Not Go Public?
Speaking to Taylor McKinney about the topic, Maci explained her stance: "It’s almost like he thinks because you have to pay for it, it’s special. Part of me thinks that, just for the fact that Bentley has grown up in an odd family situation and on TV, public school is better for him [because] he gets exposed to a lot of different walks of life than his. I don’t want Bentley to think he is on a pedestal or belongs on one, being on TV … He just expects when he wants something, at Jen and Larry’s, he gets it."

6. What About Bristol and Dakota?

What About Bristol and Dakota?
The divorce was a go and Bristol was prepared to move out. Talking to one of the show's producers, Palin explained that she and her ex-husband still needed to hammer out custody details for their two daughters -- and that she's heartbroken to see how Meyer has allegedly iced out her son with Levi Johnston, Tripp.

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