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Farrah Abraham is awful for many reasons.

So many that you’d never be able to name them all, not even if you dedicated your whole entire life to it.

Farrah Abraham Flexes Close-Up VMAs 2016
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You could spend the rest of your days pouring over her social media accounts, analyzing the annals of Teen Mom (LOL, annals), going over interview after interview.

You could have a friend hold your eyelids open while you watch her sex tape so that you’d be forced to look at it, no matter how much it hurt you down to your very soul.

(And it would.)

No, you could go over all that and more, and in the meantime, Farrah would have done some new, awful thing. It’s a vicious, excruciating, never-ending cycle.

And speaking of "vicious and excruciating," one of the newer reasons Farrah is so terrible is her endorsement of Donald Trump.

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Last month, Farrah made it clear that she loves her some Trump in a number of social media posts.

"Grab life by the pussy, bitches!" she wrote, referencing the leaked tape in which Donald condones sexual assault.

In one post, she used a "She’s Not with Her" hashtag, and in another she referred to the entire Clinton family as rapists.

"Should we have the first business man in history for president or should we have first women in history for president?" she asked, like that’s the fact that Trump is a "business man" is more relevant than all his recent atrocities.

She’s not backing down, either, because she was just recently asked about Trump by some friendly paparazzi.

And the things she has to say are so dumb that they will blow your damn mind.

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"I think Trump’s gonna be a good president," she said.

She didn’t even sound like she was joking.

When she was asked if she was voting for Trump, she said "I’m voting for whoever I vote for."

"I don’t think I’m allowed to say who I’m voting for," she added. "I think Justin Timberlake got in trouble."

Oh, honey.

"I honestly think, you know, the Clinton family’s already been in there," she went on.

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Then she actually said "For my daughter, I think Trump would be [the best candidate.]"

She was asked if she thinks Trump has his own sex tape, she said "Probably," and she added that "Maybe Hillary has one too."

This is the world we live in.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.