Chelsea Houska Shows Off Two-Month Old Baby Layne!

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There are a few Teen Mom stars we could name who keep us up at night. They just should not be trusted with children.

Chelsea Houska is not one of those moms. She's actually pretty great with her kids, including her new baby girl.

And now, Chelsea is showing off a brand new photo of baby Layne at 2 months old. She's so cute!

Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds

Precious baby Layne DeBoer was born on August 29.

That day was also Chelsea's 27th birthday, so the family is going to have to deal with the inconvenience of double-birthdays forever.

This week, baby Layne turned two months old -- already!

Chelsea shared a photo of her third child to mark the occasion. 

See how much this cutie has grown in just the last month!

Layne DeBoer is 2 Months Old

"Pretty girl is TWO months," Chelsea captioned the pic.

Don't worry -- we have the one-month version of this photo below for comparison.

Layne is still a very little baby, but she's definitely and visibly begun to grow.

She has that not-so-expressive look on her face not uncommon to babies.

Everything is new, everything is exciting, and everything is a little terrifying -- even mommy and datting taking a photo.

Before we know it, though, Layne will be smiling, crawling, walking, and even talking.

She's a Month Old!

For comparison, here is Layne just one month earlier.

Hair bows on babies seem to be super popular these days, if Instagram is any indication.

(Maybe as a substitute for hair by parents concerned that their babies might be mistaken for boys? People are weird about that stuff)

As you can see, Layne was noticeably smaller in the older photo.

And no, we don't just mean because the camera was farther away.

At this time in a baby's life, they should be growing faster than at any other.

Chelsea Houska Kids

Fans cooed over how cute Layne is and how quickly she is growing.

A number of commenters also pointed out that she looks a bit like her big brother, Watson.

Layne and Watson are both Chelsea's children with Cole DeBoer.

Cole has also really stepped up to be a parent for Chelsea's daughter, Aubree.

(We thank our lucky stars every night that Chelsea is no longer with Adam Lind)

Together, the five of them are such a beautiful family.

Hi, Pretty Girl

Chelsea's Instagram is absolutely filled to the brim with photos of family fun.

Layne is too little to really appreciate a lot of that yet, but she'll be grown before any of us can believe it.

In the mean time, fans just hope that Chelsea continues to pepper her social media with more snaps of her precious new baby.

(And the rest of her adorable, charming family)

We can't wait for the three month update for Layne -- which will come a full week after Thanksgiving.

So when your leftover turkey runs out, folks, start keeping an eye out for pics of this little cutie.

In the mean time, however, you can look at more photos of Chelsea's youngest right here:

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