Farrah Abraham: I'm Ready to Fight Drita D'Avanzo!

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It's been about six weeks since Drita D'Avanzo threatened to smack Farrah Abraham in the face.

And yet, Farrah still remains annoyingly un-smacked.

Farrah Drita split

That's the thing with usually-spontaneous gestures like face slaps -- you really need that element of surprise.

You can't announce your intentions publicly and then wait out the perfect opportunity.

It gives your opponent too much time to prepare for the eventual rumble, and it appears that's exactly what Farrah's been doing.

Yes, not only has Farrah been attacking hotel employees, she's also been engaging in a more formal style of combat training.

According to The Blast, Farrah recently began training as a boxer with none other than former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson as her coach.

Hilariously, Farrah says she hopes to participate in a celebrity boxing match with the proceeds going to an anti-bullying organization.

Farrah Abraham on Insta

The irony in that sentence will make your head explode if you focus on it too long, so let's just move along to the question of who Farrah will be squaring off against.

She played it coy when asked directly:

“Maybe some of the Teen Moms who talk trash about me and bully me," Farrah replied.

Maybe some of the producers who bullied me off the show I created with them so maybe Morgan Freeman should step out."

She does know that when people talk about putting a stop to bullying, they're not talking about beating up all the bullies, right?

Farrah Abraham Dressed Like a Magician

Okay, so obviously Farrah is gonna fight Drita, but first, they have to pretend like the feud was re-ignited organically on social media.

We get it.

The wait will be annoying, but it'll be amusing to hear Farrah's clueless comments about her future boxing career.

“I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing and look my best," she told The Blast.

"Like I’m Floyd Mayweather stepping in the ring for the women."

You're a little late for that party, Farrah.

Floyd Mayweather is already the Floyd Mayweather of beating up women.

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