Farrah Abraham: Catelynn Lowell is DISGUSTING!

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Last night was Farrah Abraham's big boxing match!

Or, well, it was supposed to be, anyway.

Farrah Abraham Kim Kardashian Photo

Last night, Farrah was scheduled to fight Hoopz from Flavor of Love in Atlantic City, but sadly, it never came to be.

The boxing match was for charity, but our girl backed out because the promoter wouldn't play for airfare and hotel rooms for like 30 "friends" of hers.

Really, that's what happened.

She insisted that she was promised all those rooms and plane tickets, but the organizers denied it, and obviously refused to cater to her insane demands.

Dead Eyes

So she refused to fight.

It's unclear now what's going to happen with all of that -- she could very well be sued for breaking her contract.

But the show went on with Mob Wives star Natalie DiDonato taking over for Farrah.

Hoopz won, by the way.

Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander and Farrah Abraham

Meanwhile, Farrah went to Maldives with her daughter, Sophia, and in between posing for lame pictures and being her usual awful self, she gave an interview to Hollywood Life.

And, in usual Farrah fashion, it didn't really make a whole lot of sense but it was entertaining just the same.

First, she advised "anyone associated to the criminal fraud promoters" of the fight "to cease and desist using my name for attention of their failed fight to steal money and use celebrities."

Those celebs, by the way, include "Hoopz, Catelynn, and other low-class wannabe celebrities like Drita."

Drita D'Avanzo Photo

Drita officiated the fight, an excellent choice since she got into that spectacular feud with Farrah earlier this year -- that's shy she's bringing her up.

And the Catelynn she's referring to here is none of than Catelynn Lowell.

Because she went to the fight!

As Cate explained in an Instagram post a few days ago, she went to Atlantic City with Tyler because they were "supposed to see Farrah get laid the hell out by Hoopz thennn she dropped out!"

Catelynn Lowell Made Up

She also called Farrah a "scared sissy" and suggested that she "grow a pair," which was pretty rich.

After all, the whole match was to raise awareness against anti-bullying, so to bully Farrah there was just an odd choice.

Lots of other people agreed, so many that Catelynn ended up turning the comments off on her post.

Anyway, about Catelynn, Drita, and Hoopz, Farrah claimed that they were all "planning to make a mockery of anti-bullying, and as some are moms, it's disgusting."

Farrah Abrahm Boxes In a Thong

She continued by saying that "Since Teen Mom ratings are lowest ever without me, the Teen Mom groupes including Javi, Catelynn and more teen cast members still went to Atlantic City and said that I wasn't there, as I'm the reason everyone was going."

"Gone are the days I'm around people who are jealous of me -- it's clear I'm the winner over the bullies of this failed event."

"I've still won," she said. "I'm in the Maldives, where they can't even afford to come."

"Atlantic City is more in their bracket, and happy they paid to watch me."

Putting Up Those Dukes

She's really not holding back, is she?

Farrah wrapped things up by saying that "Like everyone else, I would never watch fake Teen Mom trash drama anymore."

Instead, "the Kardashian parenting is much better to watch," which is just a really bizarre and also false thing to say here.

"Hope the show doesn't tank," she added, "but looks like it has without me."

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

"Going snorkeling!"

And as much as it hurts to admit it, those kinds of quotes are why Farrah is such an icon.

Is her absence the reason why Teen Mom OG ratings aren't so great the season?


Is she a little delusional in slamming all of these other poeple for destroying the boxing match's anti-bullying message when she's said far worse many, many times?


But hey, that's just Farrah!

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