Farrah Abraham: Replaced in Celebrity Boxing Match, Slammed by Hoopz

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Farrah Abraham may be back in our lives far sooner than anyone is prepared for, as the ex-Teen Mom star has signed on to headline a new series.

But Abraham is officially out of her celebrity boxing match.

Putting Up Those Dukes

We previously reported that Farrah had canceled on the much-hyped event because she alleged the promoter and organizer (the latter of whom is named Samantha Goldberg) had renegged on their contract.

According to Radar Online, Abraham believed she had been promised an abundance of airplane tickets and hotel rooms by those in charge of the November 10 fight in Atlantic City.

When she learned almost none of these things would be paid for and that her guests would need to foot their own bills... Abraham bailed.

The promoter in question, Damon Feldman, has denied that he legally agreed to any of Abraham's requests, insisting he DID pay for Farrah and her daughter to be flown to the location in first class.

Everything else, he says, is just Farrah acting like a diva and looking for an excuse to pull out of the match.

Farrah the Boxer

But it's okay, whatever, good riddance, he and Goldberg now say.

Because they have found a replacement for Abraham.

Mob Wives star Natalie DiDonato will climb into the squared circle on Saturday night to try and knockout Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander.

The thing is, another Mob Wives star, Drita D'Avanzo, will be serving as the guest referee.

Which sounds totally unfair, don't you think?

fght poster

Just like MTV did with Teen Mom OG after producers fired Abraham in February, however, the main takeaway here is that it didn't take long for someone to fill Farrah's spot.

We assume she'll have some mean words shortly about how DiDonato isn't qualified to hold her sports bra or something...

... but until then, Hoopz has spoken out against her previously-scheduled opponent.

"She's using the promoter as a reason to back out," the former Flavor of Love contestant wrote on Instagram, accusing Abraham of being scared and weak and adding:

"The fight is happening with or without her. We agreed because of the cause not because of Farrah. See everyone November 10th."

Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander and Farrah Abraham

Ah, yes, there is a cause attached to this event. As you can see in the above poster, it is being used to raise awareness for anti-bullying.

Sounds a little vague, and a little ironic, to center an anti-bullying event around a bout between two people trying to knock each other out.

But let's also be real for a minute:

It would be more than a little ironic for Farrah Abraham to be anywhere near anything that is trying to put an end to bullying.

She'd have no career at all without that course of action.

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