Farrah Abraham SLAMS Bristol Palin: She Scares Me!

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The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards were held last night, and as in year's past, the best and brightest of the music world rubbed elbows with some of the network's longest-standing stars -- who might be a bit less well-known to the show's mainstream audience.

Among the attendees were Farrah Abraham and Kailyn Lowry, both of whom were asked for their thoughts on MTV's decision to add Bristol Palin to the cast of Teen Mom OG.

Kailyn Lowry at the VMAs

Kail -- displaying the warmth and optimism that have made her a fan favorite in recent years -- had only good things to say about Bristol:

“I think it could be a great addition to the Teen Mom OG cast,” Lowry told Us Weekly on the red carpet.

“I welcome her to the family!”

Farrah, as expected, was a bit more melodramatic and -- what's the word? -- batsh-t crazy in her response to the same question.

“I think I’m watching Girl, Interrupted. She moved to the same place I live,” Farrah said when asked about Bristol.

Farrah Abraham Solo

“I’m actually scared. I want to stay away from that.”

Just about every Farrah quote is unintentionally hilarious, but this one might take the cake.

For starters, we literally have no idea what sort of thought she's trying to convey.

On top of that, Farrah has either never seen Girl, Interrupted or doesn't remember it very clearly.

In fact, we're pretty sure she meant to reference Single White Female, which is just one of the many factors that make this a dark horse candidate for funniest Farrah quote.

Farrah Abraham-Bristol Palin

That said, we're forced to grudgingly agree with Farrah on one point.

The Palins are scary and anything that lures them away from their Russia-adjacent stomping grounds and into the lower 48 is even scarier.

MTV has unleashed a pox upon the mainland, and those who fear the future are right to.

That doesn't mean we won't be watching every cringe-y second of Bristol on TMOG.

We're just gonna keep in mind that we might be witnessing the beginning of the endtimes.

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