David Eason: Does His Ex Have ANOTHER Restraining Order Against Him?!

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If you know who David Eason is, then, well, we're sorry.

But also you know that he is a genuinely horrible person.

David Eason in Confederate Flag

Like, good people aren't accused of domestic violence by several ex-girlfriends, you know?

Good people don't call toddlers names, and they don't scold them for needing to use the bathroom.

And good people certainly aren't hateful and bigoted enough to get fired from their jobs.

But good ol' David here?

David Eason, Unhinged

He's done all of that and more.

But right now, let's focus on the domestic violence stuff.

Most recently, David was accused of assault by none other than Jenelle Evans.

In a hysterical 911 call, she claimed that he'd pinned her to the ground, and she said that she thought she heard her collarbone snap.

In the days after the call was released, she denied that he'd done anything to her, but literally no one was convinced.

Partly because her call was so convincing, and partly because this isn't the first time he's been accused of getting violent with his partners.

In 2014, David was arrested for assaulting and threatening to murder one of his exes -- you know, allegedly.

According to the court documents from the case, he assaulted the woman "by grabbing the victim around the throat and saying to the victim, 'I will kill you, bitch.'" 

David Eason Eff You

The woman also claimed that he once left her stranded on some strange road in the middle of the night.

Both of these incidents were said to have happened when she was heavily pregnant with their son, Kaden.

David wasn't convicted of any of this, but the judge did think it was appropriate to grant a restraining order for both the woman and little Kaden.

A restraining order that he violated last year when he ran into the boy at a grocery store and hugged him.


He almost went to jail for this, but he managed to get out of it, and somehow, he worked things out enough with his ex that she felt comfortable sending Kaden out to Jenelle's swamp for visits.

It happened a few times, and he made sure to brag about it on social media.

But now, judging by a new post he made on Instagram, things have changed again.

Gee, we can't imagine why!

David Eason with Son

"Had to go to the daycare just to see my son for his birthday," he wrote along with this picture of Kaden.

"It's a shame his mother is keeping him from me again for no reason."

For no reason? Seriously?

Maybe she heard that horrifying 911 call, couldn't that be a possibility?

Jenelle and David Cuddles

Apparently not, because he whined that he's "used to the lies and false accusations at this point."

"It's just sickening that my son has to go through this and deal with her bullsh-t."

Yeah, that's what's sickening about all of this.

When someone commented on the post to tell David that something must have happened for the boy's mother to keep him away again, he started getting sassy.

David Eason on Insta

"Just like all her lies about me on the internet huh?" he asked. "Yea that's her doing something wrong not me."

In another comment, he defended calling his ex out like this because his son "needs to see it in the future so he will know it wasn't my fault."

"He will be mad at his mom when he reads the disgusting lies she said about me," he insisted.

In other comments, he wrote that "Not only has she been doing this to me for years but she tried to have me put in prison twice!"

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

"Ppl like HER deserve to go to prison."

"She has always been constantly throwing lies at me," poor little Dave added.

It's so odd that he's saying all of this, because he has to know that no one will believe him, right?

After hearing Jenelle cry about how he hurt her, it's not exactly a stretch to think that he could've hurt someone else, too.

Jenelle and David on a Date

And yeah, sure, sometimes people do lie about these kinds of things, like he's trying to say that Kaden's mom is lying.

But are we honestly supposed to buy that multiple women who don't know each other have made up the same stories about him?

Come on, David.

Thoughts and prayers for Kaden, please.

He's going to need them with the father he has.

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