Jenelle Evans: Seriously, David Eason Never Abused Me!

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Did anyone ever think that Jenelle Evans' life would get as tragic as it's gotten?

Well, yeah.

Dave Eason and Jenelle Eason

Pretty much from the first moment she was introduced to the world in her episode of 16 and Pregnant, it wasn't hard to see that her life would likely go in a dark direction.

But still, watching it all happen has been overwhelming.

Jenelle has never had what anyone would call a perfect life, or even a nice life, really.

Her father abandoned her family when she was a small child, and she's always had problems getting along with her mother.

Jenelle and Babs Chillin'

She got pregnant at a young age by an older guy who pretended to be invested right up until the baby was born, then he disappeared.

She gave us custody of the baby to her mom, got arrested a whole bunch of times, got addicted to heroin, had a string of abusive relationships.

One guy got her pregnant again, but she had an abortion, only to get pregnant again shortly after that with a different guy.

She had another kid, even though she never got back custody of the first one, and a couple of years after that, she had another kid with another new guy.

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser In the Hospital

And nope, still never got custody of that first one.

So yeah, things have been always been sort of rough for this girl.

But this month, things took a seriously bad turn.

Everyone's always been worried about David Eason and what he might do to her, because David Eason has clearly always been bad news.

Jenelle Evans with David and Ensley

Ever since he first appeared on Teen Mom 2, fans have noticed all sorts of red flags about his relationship with Jenelle.

Pair that up with all those stories about how he allegedly assaulted his exes, including the one who claimed in court documents that he shoved her to the ground when she was eight months pregnant with their son ...

Yeah, it's not great.

But earlier this month, a report was released that claimed that a 911 call had been made from Jenelle and David's home, and that the caller had reported an assault.

Jenelle's rep denied the report, saying that she'd just tripped and fallen by a bonfire.

Then the actual call was released a few days later, and ... well, it was very dark.

It began with Jenelle sobbing hysterically and telling the operator that David "pinned me down on the ground in the yard, and I think I heard my f-cking collarbone crack and I can't move my arms."

An ambulance was called but later cancelled, and someone took her to the hospital privately instead.

Jenelle Evans Dude Shirt

After the call was released -- which, to be clear, was truly disturbing and terrifying to hear -- she released a statement herself.

"It was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding," she claimed. "Everything is great. We are totally fine."

"We are feeling fine," she insisted. "Just taking time off social media ... time to focus on ourselves and our family."

Yeah, because after the initial report was released, she deleted her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Because that's not scary.

Jenelle Evans and a Green Screen

Since then, a Teen Mom 2 production source has claimed that Jenelle's new story is that she did trip by that bonfire and when she fell, she fell into David.

And since they were both so drunk, they thought they were assaulting each other.

There are about a billion problems with that story -- how were they that drunk with their boatload of children? Why would they think a trip was an assault?

But the point is that they're both still trying to convince us all that everything is fine.

The latest example of this is this new photo that Jenelle shared on Instagram last night:

Jenelle and David on a Date

"We love good food," she captioned the picture, with the hashtags "dinner date," "beard goals," and "get silly."

It's interesting to see that she's still covering herself up much more than normal -- perhaps to hide injuries from that bonfire fall?

A quick look at her comments, however, shows that absolutely no one is buying what she's trying to sell.

"You are beautiful!" a kind follower told her. "Find a man who will treat u better girl."

Eason Picture

Another sweet person wrote "You can try to fool the world but the real chaos will come up. Praying for you. Yikes."

"Are you waiting to be killed by him?" one person asked. "Stop fooling yourself. Think of your kids.... rooting for you. Hope you'll find a way out."

Someone else said that Jenelle "trying to put on a front here that they are all lovie dovey" is "very very sad," and yep, it really is.

Most of her followers are being supportive like this right now, urging her to leave him or just offering prayers or wishing her well.

But still, Jenelle ignored all those kinds of comments and only replied to ones about David's beard, explaining that she straightened it for him.

Here's hoping that things get better for her soon, or, at the very least, that they don't get any worse.

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