Katy Perry: ENGAGED to Orlando Bloom?!

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You may have been aware Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up back in March of 2017. 

But did you know they got back together in January of this year?

If you were in the dark on that one, you're certainly not alone.

Their second time around, Katy and Orlando agreed to keep things much more low key.

But just because they're not shouting their love from the rooftop, that doesn't mean they're not seriously invested in this relationship.

Katy Perry for American Idol

In fact, it seems that Perry and Bloom may be on the verge of taking a major step forward together.

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Katy and Orlando are planning to get engaged sometime in the very near future.

"Katy and Orlando have worked out all their kinks and have had really fluid communication about what each of them wants,” the insider explains.

Orlando Bloom for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

“Katy doesn’t want this relationship to be a repeat cycle of things she’s already experienced in past relationships that didn’t work out," the source adds.

"She’s learned to grow from them and doesn’t want that in her current relationship.”

Yes, it sounds as though Katy and Orlando have both learned a great deal from their previous high-profile relationships.

Katy Perry: Pregnant?!

"They really try to communicate well and spend as much time together as possible,” the source claims.

“Obviously, they’re both very busy, but they prioritize communicating and working their schedules around each other," the insider adds.

"They are very much in love, so an engagement wouldn’t be a surprise.”

Orlando Bloom at Vanity Fair Party

These comments sound suspiciously as though they originated with Katy's reps, which leads us to believe there's some legitimacy to these rumors.

We're sure this pseudo-announcement will lead to another round of rumors that Perry is pregnant with Bloom's baby, but we're not willing to take it quite that far yet.

Even if the singer is expecting, it'll likely be quite some time before she makes the news official.

After all, the same reps that are spreading the word about her possible engagement can be quite adept at keeping things secret when they want to.

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