Katy Perry: PREGNANT With Orlando Bloom's Baby?!

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Yesterday, we reported on the rumor that Katy Perry is engaged to Orlando Bloom.

Like every celebrity couple, Orlaty has been the subject of marriage rumors pretty much from the start of their relationship, but this time around, there's actually reason to believe that they're soon to get hitched.

Katy Perry: Pregnant?!

The 32-year-old was spotted sporting a massive rock on her left ring finger while out and about with Bloom in NYC this week, first of all.

Sources say she quietly eluded inquiries about her possible upcoming nuptials with the actor, but the rumor runs deeper than that.

Now, a new rumor has Katy's 91 million Twitter followers buzzing thanks to a seven-second video clip that people are probably reading into way too much.

Noted pantsuit enthusiast and historical footnote Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at last night's annual UNICEF ball in Manhattan, where Katy was being honored.

Perry and Clinton became such besties during the 2016 presidential campaign that Katy dressed as Hillary for Halloween.

Katy Perry Hillary Clinton Makeup

Obviously, Hillary was more of a BFD than Katy for much of 2016, but now that the Orange Overlord has fulfilled the prophecy of doom, Katy once again has the upper-hand.

In fact, she's so famous that she upstaged the woman who came very nearly made history earlier this month simply by standing in the crowd and watching her speak.

Check out the clip that's got everyone talking below:

There you have it.

Orlando briefly touched Katy's stomach, and apparently, that's enough to get the entire Internet to start picking out baby names.

We'll grant you that it was a bit of an odd gesture, but we don't think it's time for Katy to put away her whipped cream nozzle bra in favor of a breast pump just yet.

But who knows?

Katy probably took Hillary's loss as hard as any celebrity, so maybe she decided to get knocked up in order to fill her future with hope.

Of course, that would mean being a famous Hillary supporter with a kid by a foreigner under the Trump administration.

Donnie probably already ordered a special catapult made just to fling Katy over the wall in case he spots a baby bump. 

Too soon?

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