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Depending on which source you believe, it’s been either three months or three weeks since Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima broke up.

Basically, it sounds like the couple was on and off all summer and finally called it quits for good sometime in August.

Younes Bendjima with Kourt
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Whatever the case, these two are now officially dunzo.

We’ve heard the obligatory rumors of Kourtney and Younes getting back together, but the consensus among those who know them best seems to be that the relationship has run its course.

But just because both parties agree that its best if they move on without one another, that doesn’t mean the process has been easy.

In fact, insiders are now telling Radar Online that Kourtney has been relying on a number of unhealthy coping mechanisms to cope with her latest breakup.

Kourtney Straddles Younes
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And it seems family and friends are concerned that the mother of three may be endangering her life.

"Instead of focusing on her family like she should be, Kourtney is just partying non-stop," a source tells the outlet.

The insider didn’t go into any detail regarding the nature of Kourt’s partying, but it seems the reality star has had a difficult time getting over the relationship, in large part due to her confused feelings toward Younes.

Sources say she suspects her ex of cheating on her and knows that the relationship was not healthy — but she still feels drawn to the young male model in a way that she finds difficult to define.

Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima in Italy
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"Younes did her dirty on so many occasions and she knows it," the source says.

"The fact that she still continues to hang out with him infuriates her sisters."

But while Kourtney continues to seek closure by spending time with Younes, she’s reportedly well aware that getting back together with him would be a disastrous decision.

"She is torn between love and what she knows is right," the insider claims.

Kourtney Kardashian Stares Hard
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"She is not thinking with a clear head right now."

Unfortunately, it seems those closest to Kourtney are growing increasingly frustrated with her inability to definitively cut ties with Younes.

"She is just feeling really desperate right now and it does not look good on her," says the source.

Sounds like Kourt’s carrying on the proud Kardashian tradition of being irresistibly drawn to awful men.

If anyone should understand, it’s her sisters.