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Recently, Scott Disick has been vacationing with his kids … and with Sofia Disick.

But after what many perceive as a very public taunting of Kourtney Kardashian over how well her kids are getting along with their father’s new teenage girlfriend, Kourtney has been otherwise occupied.

Because Kourt was on vacation with her own young, hot, model — Younes Bendjima. Younes is 24 and gorgeous enough to keep up with someone as legendarily hot as Kourtney.

Now, it’s Kourtney’s turn to flaunt her happy getaway.

And while Kourtney’s daughter Penelope is in one of these photos, Kourt knows how to separate parts of her life on vacation  … and get some quality alone time with Younes.

From these steamy photos below, it looks like the two of them had the time of their lives.

Take a look!