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Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have broken up … and all because one of them wanted a lot more out of it than the other.

The surprising part is which one.

Kourtney Kardashian, Nervous

The 38-year-old mom of three and her model boy toy have been an item for months now – longer than many assumed this would last. 

Yet there have been signs of trouble lately.

Younes has not been seen with Kardashian since she proudly flaunted him at the famed Cannes Film Festival in France back in May.

(Much to Lord Scott Disick’s chagrin.)

Well, insiders say the two quietly split up and went back to their lives, though there’s little doubt who did the dumping here – and why.

“Kourtney broke Younes’ heart,” a source close to her said. “While they were in Cannes he told her that he was falling in love with her."

"She just wasn’t feeling the same way.” 

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Kardashian loved the attention and the boning, because who doesn’t after you’ve been with Scott Disick for 10 years. But that’s it.

“She loved the sex but she was not able to give him what he really wanted, which was a serious relationship,” the friend said.

Some believe Kourt was using Younes for more than just sexual gratification, too. Bendjima was definitely a way to get noticed.

The couple’s Cannes canoodling fest is what prompted the disaster that was Scott Disick and Bella Thorne’s smelly trip there.

(Somehow, they’re still dating on the DL.)

“When Kourtney brought Younes with her it was basically to make Scott jealous … and it worked!” the insider added.

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However, “she also realized that the age gap between them was just too much and she could not relate to him,” the source adds.

Younes Bendjima is only 24 years old.

Age is just a number, and there’s no question that people 24 or 38 can feel the same intense connection, physically and emotionally.

But as far as her position in life?

"Kourtney’s friends just really want her to settle down with a guy her own age and someone who has his own money," says one friend.

“But she is still trying to make up for all of the time lost while she was with Scott. She is totally content with being a cougar for now!”

In way, who can blame the girl?

We can blame her if that action involves Justin Bieber (ugh), but no one would bat an eye if a single 38-year-old divorced dad did this.

Bendjima being used to make someone jealous is obviously shady, and how this kind of behavior impacts her kids is a legitimate question.

Still, Kourtney’s got every right to live her life the way she wants, and shouldn’t be judged by any sexist double standards in doing so.

Time will tell if this is a phase or a pattern that continues; Scott being driven up the wall may not be her primary goal, but she has to love it.

If it means pics like these, so are we, TBH.