Jersey Shore Recap: Yup, She's Back!

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So... how did Jersey Shore follow up THAT episode?

How did Jersey Shore match the intensity and drama of Jen Harley spitting on her baby daddy and having to be restrained by security a week ago?

ron ron

Just a few days back, MTV aired one of the most epic arguments in reality series history, as Harley attacked Ronnie as a "f-cking loser" and a "piece of "sh-t," and we picked up right there on Thursday evening.

On this latest installment, Ronnie admitted in the confessional that they “have no control” over their relationship and will fight until they’re “65 years old.”

Which is especially a shame because they are parents to an adorable baby girl named Ariana. She was born in April.

“She’s f-cking drunk, I can smell the alcohol on her breath,” Ronnie said Jen left his hotel room, proceeding to ask “where’s my kid?” before breaking down crying and telling the cameras he felt this was the final straw.

Following the fracas, security called the cops to report a domestic violence incident.

Although Ronnie didn’t want to press charges, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department searched Jen while Ronnie asked authorities to do a wellness check.

He literally didn't know the whereabouts of his child.

Ultimately, the police questioned Jen and she was NOT arrested -- and Ronnie decided to move forward by meeting his attorney again and discussing custody.

ang and ron

And that was the end of the drama this week.

Just kidding!

In another mega development, Angelina Pivarnick arrived in Sin City!

She was invited there by Snooki (and, you know, the producers) and was all set to join the party after saying in a confessional that she didn’t really get along with Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

It didn't take very long for the anger to be felt between these stars, either.


Upon touching down in Nevada and making her way over to her past and then present colleagues Angelina said hello to everyone ... except Jenni.

Instead of a greeting, she simply told Jenni the two had “sh-t to work out.”

“We’re actually dealing with family sh-t … you wouldn’t know because you’re not part of the family," JWOWW shot back immediately.

If a knife had been nearby (and, with this crew, thank goodness it was not), one could have cut all this tension with it. Easy.

ron gif

From there, Angelina stirred the pot further -- when she slapped Vinny Guadagnino!

All he did was playfully try to put the returning cast member into the shower because it looked like her “hamster cage," but Angelina was not in a joking mood.

And no one was happy about the slap, which is where Jersey Shore faded to black for the week.

Will you be tuning in next Thursday evening to see where things go from here?

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