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This week, Southern Charm fans were stunned when Ashley Jacobs actually apologized to Kathryn Dennis. She had, well, a lot for which to feel apologetic.

Unfortunately, sometimes personal growth is accompanied by a huge step backwards.

Though Ashley and Thomas Ravenel broke up a couple of weeks ago, the two have been spotted hanging out again. That … cannot be good.

Ashley Jacobs on Insta

After Thomas and Ashley were spotted hanging out together, RadarOnline got the scoop from an inside source.

"Thomas and Ashley still hang out,” the insider reports.

That’s a huge bummer for those who hoped that she was truly ready to move on and recover from a deeply toxic relationship.

“He is still holding onto something," the source shares, referring to Thomas’ emotional attachment to the registered nurse.

The insider explains: "He just can’t totally end it."

Thomas Ravenel Snapshot

We mentioned that Ashley was seen grabbing some new guy’s butt, right?

Apparently that was not an isolated incident.

"Ashley has been on multiple dates,” the source shares.

That sounds healthy for her … but unfortunately, it may have led to her hanging out with Thomas again.

Because the insider says that Thomas took notice of her dating “and it made Thomas jealous!"

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley Jacobs

As we mentioned, Ashley and Thomas were spotted.

They were seen cozying up to each other on the beach on Edisto Island, right near his plantation, Brookland.

"He and Ashley went out to eat," the source says. "But they are not together." So that is something, at least.

They were also spotted at Home Team BBQ, where The Messy Mermaid’s Instagram account described them as looking "happy together."

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions

If your reaction is more or less summarized by this .gif from Part Two of the Southern Charm reunion special, you are not alone.

This was, as you may recall, Thomas’ costars and even his friends responding with concern after Ashley insisted that it was her fault that Thomas allegedly threw something at her.

Ashley claimed that she was "being a brat," as if that could justify Thomas’ reported response. As a number of the stars said — that was a huge red flag.

The way that Ashley’s behavior was while she was on the show and the way that she seemed to dramatically lose weight even going through the season was also alarming.

It looks like reality television stardom and especially her relationship with Thomas was a toxic influence.

Ashley Jacobs on Bravo

So, what are we to make of this?

Ashley didn’t exactly make good friends with any of the Southern Charm stars. They might feel sorry for her, but they probably don’t want to hang out.

But she just uprooted her entire life (after five dates!) to move to Charleston from Santa Barbara. She crossed the country. She can’t actually know that many people.

At the same time, Thomas Ravenel is facing multiple accusations of rape. It’s serious enough that no one expects him to return to Bravo. The police are involved.

It may be that part of what’s making it hard for him to move on is that people are leery of him because of everything that they’ve heard. Ashley may feel like the only woman who’ll accept him.

This … seems like a recipe for disaster.