Ashley Jacobs Actually Apologizes to Kathryn Dennis in Open Letter

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Ashley Jacobs says she is very sorry.

But critics still say she is full of it.

Scroll down, read the latest piece of news about these Southern Charm stars, and try to decide for yourself on which side of this debate you fall.

Ashley Jacobs on Bravo

“To all the Southern Charm fans, in general. And to Kathryn, in particular. I owe you all an apology,” Jacobs wrote in a note posted to Instagram on Tuesday, August 21.

Seems like a strong start, right?

Jacobs and Dennis engaged in a tense relationship throughout Southern Charm Season 5.

At the time, Jacobs was dating Thomas Ravenel, Dennis’ ex-boyfriend and the father of her two kids.

This created some understandable awkwardness, but perhaps now Jacobs has seen a bit of light after she broke up with Ravenel late last week.

(And after Ravenel was accused of rape by two different women.)

Kathryn Dennis

Continues Jacobs in her unexpected mea culpa:

“I’d like to apologize for how I treated Kathryn, and how badly I disrespected her. I’m not sure what made me think it was okay to speak to a mother that way.

"It wasn’t.

"It was not my place to say anything at all, much less the reckless comments I made. I crossed a line and hurt people who don’t deserve it.”

What are the sort of "reckless comments" to which Jacobs is referring here?

Well... she once called Dennis nothing but Ravenel's “egg donor,” saying her kids “weren’t planned on."

She also slammed her parenting style, suggesting Dennis was on drugs, and alleging she sees Ravenel’s children more than Dennis does.

You know, that sort of stuff; the sort of stuff ripe for a reality TV rivalry.

insta apology

But now that Jacobs is no longer with Ravenel, and now that she maybe sees him for the monster he appears to be, Jacobs has seemingly come around.

"After many chats with my friends and family with children, I never understood the unbreakable bond a parent has with their child,” the 33-year-old writes here, adding:

“I can listen and learn and be more respectful in the future but until I’m blessed with a child, I can never truly understand the sacrifices a parent makes on behalf of their children.

"Some children may not truly get it until they have their own baby.

"It makes me feel horrible that I may have taken my own parents for granted and thus I’ve learned a tremendous lesson from all the good parents out there.

"I can’t rightfully describe how sorry I am, but I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t at least try."

Wow, huh?

two bravo women

Jacobs started to appear on Southern Charm last year after she got together with Ravenel, who sahares four-year-old daughter Kensie and two-year-old son Saint with Dennis

It's unclear if she'll play a role on Season 6 now that Ravenel has announced his departure from the show.

It's also unclear, to some, whether Jacobs is even sincere in writing all of these very kind words.

“Ashley just wants attention," a critical insider tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that these women have not had any contact since the fiery Season 5 reunion.

"Kathryn is focused on more important things," the source concluded when asked whether Dennis will respond.

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs Together

Jacobs swears she means all of this, though.

"I have tried to ask her to lunch/coffee so I could apologize to her person to person," Jacobs replied to one comment before revealing that she "attempted to apologize to her person to person a few months ago" to a different user.

No other Southern Charm cast member has remarked on this attempt to end the nasty feud, but we can guess what Patricia Altschul thinks about Jacobs.

Actually, we don't need to guess.

“My new favorite word is ‘famewhore,’” she told Entertainment Tonight in July of Jacobs.

“I love to use it whenever possible, so... famewhore! Famewhore! Famewhore! I think it's hard to fall in love after five dates.

Call me a skeptic, and the fact that she was so adamant about getting a ring, getting clothes, getting jewelry, getting Vuitton luggage.

"I mean, it seemed a little too obvious to just be love.”

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