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Well, he might be living up to his nickname more than ever these days, because Mike Sorrentino is stuck in a seriously complex situation.

If you watched Jersey Shore Family Vacation this season, you know that Mike proposed to Lauren Pesce, she said yes, and plans are already in place to populate the tri-state area with dozens of mini-Sitches.


Unfortunately, there’s a minor roadblock standing in the way of Mike and Lauren’s domestic bliss.

When the focus briefly shifted from Ronnie’s never-ending emotional meltdown, JSFV reminded us that Sorrentino is facing prison sentence for tax evasion.

While Mike has gone to great lengths to clean up his act in the years since his legal entanglement began, it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to avoid doing some hard time.

Which means, of course, that he and Lauren don’t have the luxury of a long engagement.

“They are working out the exact date now, as well as the location for the wedding and venue for the reception,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

Mike Sorrentino Proposes to Lauren Pesce

Mike is scheduled to be sentenced on September 7, and his lawyers have reportedly informed him that he should be prepared to serve at least two years behind bars.

Fortunately, Lauren says she’s willing to wait for Mike for as long as she needs to.

“They are both hoping for leniency. But it does not matter to Lauren how long he has to go to prison,” the insider says.

“She will stand by him no matter what. She will be visiting him in prison as often as she is allowed.

Even though Mike might not begin serving his sentence until several months after he’s sentenced, he and Lauren are planning to tie the knot this summer, just to be safe.

The original plan was for Sorrentino and Pesce to get hitched on the second season of JSFW, but a rushed production schedule put the kibosh on that plan.

The Situation Proposes!

But don’t worry, unlike past Shore weddings, the entire guido crew will be in attendance, and most of Mike’s castmates will be a part of the wedding party.

(We’re guessing Ronnie was the only one left out.)

Insiders say Mike and Lauren hope to spend at least four months living as man and wife before his sentence begins.

And of course, they’ll be hard at work making those little baby Situations.

As difficult as Mike’s current situation is, those who know him best say he’s never been happier — and they credit Lauren with saving his life.

“Everyone is just so proud of Mike for getting sober Opens a New Window. , and are just as close with Lauren as they are with him," says the source.