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There’s good news for Jersey Shore fans: Deena Cortese is pregnant with her first child!

Deena and her husband, Christopher, are expecting a baby boy within the next six months.

And now she’s giving fans and followers their first-ever real look at her baby bump. Take a look!

Deena Cortese and Husband Christopher Buckner
Photo via Instagram

Back in 2016, Deena became engaged to Christopher Buckner. This was after her stint on the first run of Jersey Shore.

It was also a couple of years after she appeared on Couples Therapy.

The two of them tied the knot just before Halloween in 2017.

And now they’re expecting a baby together. They held off on sharing the good news until they were ready, but they just had to let fans know.

Take a look at Deena’s baby bump at 14 weeks!

Deena Cortese Baby Bump
Photo via Instagram


In the captions, Deena writes: "Excited to share our pregnancy journey with all of you!!"

"Our first bump pic," she says beside the photo of her cradling her baby bump while wearing a stunning and form-fitting cobalt dress.

She follows that with two turquoise heart emojis. (They may have appeared blue on some screens)

"Don’t worry," Deena assures her fans and followers. "I won’t post bump pics every single week! Lol"

Surely no one would mind. Once a week is not a lot of Instagram photos.

"But this," Deena says. "Is the first!!"

It sure is.

Deena Cortese and Christopher Buckner
Photo via Instagram

In the background of the photo, the sign for 14 weeks has some blanks filled in.

At this stage of her pregnancy, the fetus has about the same volume as a decent-sized lemon.

Deena is feeling both tired and excited — both of which are very understandable.

She is craving, she reveals, three things in particular:

Candy, Fruit, and ice pops.

Deena Cortese Gender Reveal

Deena and Christopher found out that they were especting a boy at one of those goofy color-coded gender reveal parties.

On July 1, the couple announced their good news all at once.

"Chris and I Decided to wait until we were ready to spill the beans!" Deena’s post began.

"Now that we are safely into our second trimester," Deena wrote. "Us and our little monkey are ready to tell the world Our little family is growing."

Deena gushed: "We have a sweet little boy on the way!"

Christopher Buckner with Deena
Photo via Instagram

"We Are truly blessed," Deena’s announcement post continued. "And our hearts are filled with so much joy and happiness."

She even revealed the due date — she really dumped all of this info at once!

"December," Deena teased. "Can’t come soon enough!"

That is so soon!

"Daddy and Mommy can’t wait to meet you Christopher John," Deena added, revealing the name of their future baby.

Those are two of the most common names in the English-speaking world, so we hope that Christopher John really likes either nicknames or his initials.

Deena promises: "You are going to be the most spoiled little boy ever!!!!"

That is just so sweet to hear. You always want what’s best for any child, and it sounds like Deena and her husband are prepared to give little Christopher John just that.