Jersey Shore: Relive the Show's Most Iconic, OMFG Moments!

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Sometimes, every once in a while, actual magic happens.

And these days, Jersey Shore is back on TV.

If that's not magic, who knows what is?

Think this is just a shameless ratings grab playing off nostalgia?

Think again.

Well, actually you're right, it kind of is that.

It's been a lot better than we expected, however, thanks to the utterly bonkers drama of the Family Vacation reboot.

So let's take a few moments to look back at some of the most memorable scenes in Jersey Shore history - past to present.

Grab a nice tall glass of Ron Ron Juice, make sure your hair is straightened and your t-shirt is FTD, and let's get after it ...

1. That Time a Guy Punched Snooki Right in the Face

During the first season of Jersey Shore, some guy just hauled off and punched Snooki. Right in the face. For no real reason. He was immediately arrested, the horrific event served as a bonding moment for everyone, and an entire nation was somehow endeared to Snookers.

2. "Hold My Earrings"

In the grand scheme of things, Angelina wasn't on the show for very long at all, but she still left an impression -- a very, very bad one. In this legendary scene, Snooki attacks her after she announces her feelings that the rest of the cast members are "fake." Because on the Shore, them's fightin' words.

3. JWoww Doesn't Play

"Hold up," you may be wondering at this point. "Are all these iconic moments just fights?" And honestly, yeah, a lot of them are. But could you honestly say that special moments like this one, the one where JWoww gets so trashed that she gets kicked out of a club and then blames it on The Situation and tries to hit him in retaliation, aren't the most memorable?

4. Guido Makeovers!

Remember the beautiful bromance between Pauly D and Vinny? Here's one of the most precious moments they shared on the show -- it's enough to bring a tear to your eye.

5. The Smush Room!

This clip in itself isn't necessarily iconic, but it focuses on two things that will always be heavily associated with Jersey Shore -- pranks and the word "smush." In the clip, JWoww has plans to use the Smush Room for an evening with her boyfriend, but Pauly and Vinny aren't having it.

6. The Situation Falls on a Grenade

While we're talking about classic Jersey Shore terms, we have to talk about grenades, right? Like the last clip, this one itself isn't what's iconic -- it's just a really solid example of how seriously the guys took grenades. Which was very, very seriously.

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