Little People, Big World Update: Who Bought the Farm?

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We have some very bad news, Little People, Big World fans.

Someone has officially bought the farm.

Matt Roloff Looks Happy

What? Huh? Oh... no, you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

No one in the Roloff family has died. We apologize if we startled you.

But Matt Roloff has gone ahead and sold the home in which he's been residing for about a year now, basically ever since he and Amy Roloff filed for divorce.

It's located about 15 minutes away from his family's famous farm.

This unfortunate news comes on the heels of confirmation from Matt that he's also moving to Arizona, for at least one portion of the year.

And it also comes on the heels of several Little People, Big World episodes that have centered on tension between the exes and questions surrounding the future in general of Roloff Farms.

According to Radar Online, Roloff purchased his residence for $368,500.

On May 30, he told the three-bedroom, three-bathroom residence for $515,00, which is a pretty incredible return on his investment.

Celebrating with Jackson

Was it renovated? What sort of improvements did Matt make in order to turn such a profit?

We don't know the answers to these questions.

But we do know that Roloff admitted on last Tuesday's episode of his TLC reality series that he bought the property because he needed to get farther away from Amy.

(Matt has primarily been residing in the farm guest house since his split from Amy, which is located just a few hundred yards from his ex-wife.

This situation has grown especially awkward for both parties because each is involved in a pretty serious romantic relationship at the moment.)

"I can't deal with Amy's attitude. If it gets any worse, I just feel like this is just an escape," Matt said on air of why he bought the house he has now sold.

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff Together

This makes perfect sense, of course.

Can you imagine living a football field or two away from your ex-wife, as she comes home with her boyfriend and you come home with your girlfriend and you can basically wave to each other?

We're stunned the reality stars has maintained such an amicable post-marriage relationship, really.

The question still remains, of course, whether Amy will move away as well and whether there's any hope for Little People, Big World beyond this season.

"There's part of me that wants to keep the farm and build a house that suits me, but part of me just wants to sell the farm and liquidate it and move on," Matt actually told the TLC cameras earlier this week, adding:

"It's a burden."

Caryn and Matt

Will Matt get engaged to Caryn Chandler? Television viewers continue to ponder this key question.


Wrote the long-time reality star on Instagram about this home sale:

"About a month or so ago I promised you all I would share a complete tour of the house I fixed up.. at the time I wasn’t sure if I was going to move into it or sell it...

"I actually did a bunch of the work thinking it would be my home one day... then plans change.. someone offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse so within an hour or so I sold it. Now I’m all motivated to become a Little Flipper man. :))

"Nah!!! I want to retire."

Stay tuned for plenty more on this situation and scroll down to read why we think the show may soon be ending.

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