Little People, Big World: Why It May Be Ending ... Soon!

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R.E.M. once sang that it was the end of the world as they knew it, and the band felt fine.

But if this is really the end of Little People, Big World as we know it... well... that would suck so very much!

Why are fans wondering whether the TLC series will return next season?

What rumor is floating around about a lead cast member that has fans speculating and wondering?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Why Might This Be the Final Season of the Show?

Why Might This Be the Final Season of the Show?
For starters, think of the VERY long hiatus it just went on. TLC took longer than ever before to announce new episodes were on the way, impyling executives had been thinking of canceling the series last year.

2. But Here's the Main Source of the Rumor:

But Here's the Main Source of the Rumor:
Matt Roloff may be moving to Arizona! There's been chatter for awhile now about Matt moving off the farm. But we assume he'd be headed, like, a few miles away.

3. Wait, Why Arizona?

Wait, Why Arizona?
Because it's warm all year round? According to Radar Online, Roloff and his girlfriend of over a year, Caryn Chandler, have been staying in Surprise, Arizona for the past few days; on vacation, yes, but perhaps on vacation with a purpose.

4. What Would That Purpose Be?

What Would That Purpose Be?
Relocation. A family insider recently told the celebrity gossp site that the famous twosome had been looking to buy property in a luxury retirement community in the Phoenix suburb last year.

5. Then There Was This Photo:

Then There Was This Photo:
Matt shared it on Instagram and wrote as asimple caption: "Getting a little pool time in Arizona." (One could probably get used to these surroundings, huh?)

6. New Neighbors, Huh?

New Neighbors, Huh?
Matt and Caryn were also spotted by fans in a local Lowe's store in Arizona AND Matt told fans to come out to a nearby Barnes and Noble to hear a reading of his children's book, Little Lucy, Big Race, adding "we want to meet our new neighbors."

7. Tension Has Clearly Been Mounting

Tension Has Clearly Been Mounting
The past few episodes of Little People, Big World have centered on issues between Matt and ex-wife Amy, particularly as it relates to them living so close to each other and still working together on the farm.

8. They Need Their Space

They Need Their Space
Matt has been living in the family guest host since the couple divorced in early 2016, saying on air this spring: "It wasn't supposed to be permanent. I mean, I'm living 500 feet from my ex. It's awkward.

9. Amy Agrees

Amy Agrees
She agrees that it's not an ideal set-up, certainly. She and Matt clashed over their farm's store on another episode in May of 2018, with Amy admitting: "Having a conversation with Matt, he will bring up something that totally catches me off guard. So I always feel less confident and definitely at a disadvantage."

10. The End of the Business Line?

The End of the Business Line?
Matt and Amy do seem to get along mostly well, but they just see SO much of each other ... and their livelihoods are even tied together. Said Matt to a TLC camera of late: "Amy doesn’t have a good sense of what it takes to run the farm. Amy can be very, very insecure. I try to be as patient and easy as possible."

11. In General?

In General?
"When it comes to Amy and I, it's just one day at a time," he added. "One day it feels like it’s working and another day it feels like it’s not working."

12. And If He Gets Married?

And If He Gets Married?
There's been talk of Matt proposing to Caryn, which would just make an awkward situation even more awkward. It would make sense for Chandler to want the couple to start fresh, away from the show that Matt made famous with his previous wife, right?

13. It's Not Just Amy and Matt, Either

It's Not Just Amy and Matt, Either
Life has changed A LOT for the Roloff over the past year. Tori and Zach now have a baby, for instance, and they disagree a bit over how much Jackson ought to be on TV and at the farm.

14. Zach Kids You Not

Zach Kids You Not
On yet another recent installment of the series, Zach told his dad in pretty stark terms that he'll help out as much as possible during pumpkin season on the farm, but that he didn't want Tori and Jackson on the farm for this busy time for the business.

15. What Was His Reasoning?

What Was His Reasoning?
"I would rather Tori not bring Jackson for pumpkin season," Zach explained. "People can get excited when they see babies, and it's just really nerve-wracking, having a bunch of people touching your baby."

16. Excuse Me, Zach?!?

Excuse Me, Zach?!?
Tori said she wanted to be a part of pumpkin season, saying she could easily tell folks not to "touch" her kid, to which Zach replied: "But why put ourselves in that situation? ... I do not think he should be at pumpkin season. People can just be a little aggressive. I don't think it's a good idea."

17. Babies Change Everything

Babies Change Everything
Tori and Zach are an amazing couple, don't get us wrong. We adore them and how they interact. Expanding one's family just really does change everything and it's not hard to see some issues cropping up here, some of which are related to starring on a reality show.

18. What About Audrey and Jeremy?

What About Audrey and Jeremy?
They also have a young child. Their life is also undergoing many changes.

19. They Also Have a Book Coming Out

They Also Have a Book Coming Out
This couple could want to keep doing the show in order to promote its book and its clothing line... or it may become too busy with other projects to continue filming.

20. TBD

That's all we can say for now. The future of Little People, Big World is to be determined. Do you want it to go on past this season? Or do you think it has run its course?

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