Leah Messer: I Tried to Be Friends with Jenelle Evans, But She's Too Mean!

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We're only two episodes into the new season of Teen Mom 2, but the drama is already absolutely overwhelming.

What a fun problem to have, huh?

Jenelle Evans with Leah Messer

This season is a little different than the others in that so far, pretty much every single bit of conflict is between the moms themselves.

There's been cast member conflicts before, obviously -- like last season when Jenelle revealed Kailyn's big pregnancy news before she had a chance to do so herself.

But there's never been anything like the mess that is going on now.

For the first time in Teen Mom history, MTV is going back and getting at least two episodes worth of footage from the previous season's reunion.

Some fans haven't been into this because it's old news. We already saw the reunion several months ago, so why go back?

But some people are just eating it up -- and those people sure know how to look on the bright side!

In this week's episode, we saw everyone fly out to L.A. for the reunion, and for the New Year's Eve special that was filmed the night before.

Kailyn, Leah, Chelsea

From the moment everyone got in the same space, things started going downhill.

Kailyn demanded a separate space for her and Lux, away from Briana and Jenelle, and later she and Briana went off on each other in a dressing room.

We also saw Briana attack Leah after overhearing her talk about her behind her back -- even though it was confirmed that Leah was saying only nice things.

Things are only going to get worse next week, when Kail and Briana go at it again, this time with Javi around, and when Jenelle has her big meltdown over Nathan and Barbara.

But for now, let's focus on the footage we've already seen.

In the season premiere, it was revealed that the issues between Kailyn and Briana really began after Leah spoke with Briana about some plans she had with Javi then reported back to Kailyn.

While getting ready for the VMAs last August, Briana told Leah that she and Javi weren't really dating, but they were planning to take their kids on a vacation to Disney World together.

Briana With Javi on Instagram

She'd have her two daughters, Javi would have Lincoln and Isaac, and they'd stay in the same hotel together -- that's what she said to Leah.

Since Kailyn and Leah have been friends for years, she felt it was her duty to make sure Kailyn knew all that, and she called her up to share what she'd learned.

Kail didn't take the news well, because apparently Javi trip with her sons was supposed to be a "boy's trip," and he hadn't informed her that Briana and her girls would also be with them.

She also felt that since she and Briana are co-workers, she'd broken "girl code" by getting together with her ex-husband.

Things obviously escalated after that, and they'll continue to escalate, but originally it all started with Leah in the middle of things.

And guys, she feels real bad about it.

Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, Beach Vacation 2018

On Twitter, Leah wrote "I truly felt like I was doing right by @KailLowry. What do you guys think I should've done? Let it play out on tv and her be like wtf Leah? Is that where we stand?"

"That's just not the friend I am," she added. "It was tough either way."

Pretty much everyone agrees that it wasn't wrong for her to tell Kailyn about what Briana said -- Briana herself even admitted she would have done the same thing.

It seems like she feels guilty about everything that went down after that, but that's not on her at all.

Something else that isn't on her?

The inexplicably terrible ways of Jenelle Evans.

In another tweet, Leah said "I'm pretty sure I've always been mutual" -- it looks like she meant "neutral."

Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer

"When Jenelle felt like everyone was against her... I was leaving the studio going to her hotel to BE A REAL friend," she explained, "but I'm fake. That's cool."

"I always try to be everyone's friend. It doesn't always work out that way."

Leah has always been very sweet, and we've never seen her be rude to Jenelle at all.

But while she has tried to be her friend, she also gave some quotes about David Eason's infamous balloon incident, calling the way he pulled a knife to attack the decorations "terrifying."

Seriously, that's what happened. She said that it was scary to see, and now Jenelle keeps going on about how fake and awful Leah is.

Jenelle even responded to Leah's tweet, saying that sure, she's always tried to be her friend "until she went on podcast talking sh-t about my husband. riggggght."

Jenelle Pointing Fingers

She then insinuated that her issue with Leah's statements about David was that he didn't even pop the balloons with a knife.

"Was it for sure a knife tho?" she asked her followers. "You'd be surprised."

... Would we, Jenelle? Would we really?

Jenelle added that she "never said what he used" to pop the balloons, and asked "Why would I be so mad at her for nothing?"

So now the story is that Leah lied about David having a knife, that he popped those balloons with something else, and ... oh, who can even keep up anymore?

The point is that Leah is still a sweetheart, Jenelle is still ridiculous, and we're still pumped for next week's episode of Teen Mom 2!

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