Briana DeJesus to Kailyn Lowry: Why Are You So Obsessed with Me?!

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So hey, in case you missed it, there's been some feuding between the cast members of Teen Mom 2.

No, we're not talking about the weird jealousy issues Jenelle Evans has with Chelsea Houska, or Jenelle's ridiculous grudge against Leah Messer for daring to suggest that her husband shouldn't have pulled a knife at a work event.

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We're not even talking about perhaps the greatest feud in Teen Mom 2 history, the one between Jenelle and Kailyn Lowry.

Nope, today we're referring to The Great Battle of Javi's Exes -- that's right, all that nonsense with Kailyn and Briana DeJesus.

Things haven't been great between these two ladies for a good long while now.

They were never friends, but they became straight up enemies when Briana started dating Javi last year.

As we saw in the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 this week, Briana revealed to Leah that she and Javi were going to take their kids to Disney World together.

When Briana talked to Leah, she said that she and Javi weren't even officially dating -- she was pretty vague about everything.

But when Leah reported back to Kailyn, she said that the whole thing seemed a little fishy, like Javi and Briana were going to take the kids to Disney World so they could be together, not to have a fun family vacation.

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus

She said that Briana had said they were going to stay in the same hotel, which Kail took to mean they were all going to be in one hotel room ... the whole thing became a mess very quickly.

The big issue, of course, was that Javi was taking two of Kailyn's children -- their son Lincoln as well as her son with Jo Rivera, Isaac -- off for a trip without revealing the pretty significant details about Briana.

When the episode aired on Monday, Kailyn revealed that her sons "came home calling her girls their cousins" because "that's the kind of clusterf-ck it turned into."

Also on Twitter, Briana tried to explain that she and Javi had each planned their own Disney trips, and when she found out he was going to be there the same week she was, she invited him to stay with her family "in a 3 bedroom villa," not in a hotel room.

When Kailyn tweeted that because they work together, Briana violated "girl code" by getting with Javi, Briana denied it.

"No girl code was broken," she insisted. "Kail was never my friend. I was always closer to Javi. I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to share my story and keep it moving lol."

Briana With Javi on Instagram

Obviously there's a whole lot going on here, and there's still a lot we haven't seen.

For example, we haven't seen the big fight between Kailyn and Briana at last season's reunion, which seems like it's going to be good.

And we definitely haven't seen all the feuding that continued after Briana and Javi became official, which honestly was just so, so much.

There's clearly some residual issues between these two ladies, and in a new interview with Radar Online, Briana is spelling everything out for us.

"She's a cry baby," she said of Kailyn.

"The whole Javi situation, it's already in the past. She needs to get over it. Let it go!"

Kailyn Lowry Pink Hair

She also said that she'll likely never be friends with Kailyn, but that she's fine with that.

"I don't give a sh-t," she explained. "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to tell my story. I see her maybe once a year, maybe twice at that."

"She doesn't mess up my mood. She's obsessed. There is nothing I can do about it."

Oh, please.

If Kailyn is obsessed, then so is Briana. They both tweet about each other, they both bring up things that have happened months ago.

Briana isn't somehow above it all, even if she does often delete her entire Twitter history so you can't go back and get the receipts.

But hey, we really appreciate totally ridiculous quotes like this one. So thanks for that, Bri.

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