Teen Mom 2 Clip: Kailyn vs. Javi vs. Briana!

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As previously reported in great detail, MTV cameras recently caught Kailyn Lowry exploding on Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus in backstage footage from the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

You can click on the above link to read all about what transpired between these rivals.

And then you can scroll down this page to actually see the fight play out.

WARNING: It gets pretty heated.

Kailyn vs. Javi

The footage seemingly picks up after Kailyn has already spent time arguing on the reunion stage with the father of her three-year old son and his relatively new girlfriend.

We can't say for certain what the trio had angrily discussed just moments earlier in front of Dr. Drew and other Teen Mom 2 stars, but it's not hard to guess, based on the explosive past.

“I’m not doing this on camera," Lowry says to Javi and Briana when they show up below at her dressing room door.

"They can stay outside," Kailyn's ex says in response, regarding the MTV cameras, prior to stating simply: "I’m going to talk to you.”

Is he really, though?

Kailyn's Not Having It

Not if Kailyn has anything to say about it (which she does), as Lowry scoffs at how this entire things now feels like one giant "Jerry Springer" episode.

(To which we can't help but reply: D'uh! Have you seen Teen Mom reunions before, Kailyn?!?)

At various points, Briana tries to interject, only for Kailyn to grow fed up and shoot back:

“Are you for real right now?. You literally sat there and said, ‘Shut up you’re annoying, shut up you’re annoying.’ This has nothing to do with you.”

DeJesus and Marroquin, of course, stunned the Teen Mom universe last year when they started dating.

The relationship got underway long after Kailyn and Javi broke up, but it still turned heads around the Internet and created quite the awkward situation for all involved.

Briana & Javi

Or perhaps not awkward, based on this clip.

Perhaps we should just say bitter and hate-filled.

“I don’t want these people around my kids," Kailyn later says about the cameraman, prior to telling her foes to "have a nice day.”

She reiterates this after Javi says he'll just go into the dressing room and leave everyone else outside.

Check out the explosive footage below!

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