Teen Mom 2 Cast to Producers: Fire Jenelle & Briana or We're Done!

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If you caught Monday night's Teen Mom 2 season premiere, you know that the series shows no signs of running out of steam in its ninth go-round.

(Okay, technically this is Season 8B, but the distinction is a purely legal one, intended to stave another round of contract negotiations with the cast.)

The debut episode had a little bit of everything - there was talk of shady hookups, allegations of horrendous parenting, and even the occasional glimpse of happy, functional couple (shoutout to the Houska-DeBoer clan).

But perhaps the biggest surprises came in a trailer that offered fans a preview of what's in store for the remainder of the season.

In fact, the montage contained so many shockers that certain members of the cast were downright stunned with what they saw ...

1. The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum
The trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 8B shows three of the moms sitting down with producers to discuss problems created by their two other cast members - Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus.

2. A Loaded Question

A Loaded Question
"So what do we do about Jenelle and Briana, so we don’t feel like we have to walk away from the show?” Kail asked her bosses.

3. The Quandary

The Quandary
Obviously, Kail's question puts the show's producers in a tough spot. We're sure they care about the cast's safety and they'd surely love to kick Jenelle to the curb, but canning the most combustible castmembers can often spell the beginning of the end for an aging reality show.

4. Briana Was Not Thrilled

Briana Was Not Thrilled
It's hard to believe that anyone can keep a secret for several months in the age of social media, but apparently, Briana had no idea the meeting took place until she saw the trailer herself.

5. Thoughts From Bri

Thoughts From Bri
In a now-deleted tweet, DeJesus expressed her shock that her castmates "had a meeting with the executives" about her. For emphasis, she added, "Holy f-cking sh-t lmao."

6. Briana Drama, Part Bajillion

Briana Drama, Part Bajillion
Of course, a possible confrontation with producers isn't the only drama on the horizon for Briana this season. In fact, it seems she's in for plenty of ups and downs...

7. Jumping the Gun

Jumping the Gun
The trailer reveals that Javi came VERY close to popping the question to Bri during their short relationship.

8. Word of Warning

Word of Warning
Javi's sister is seen cautioning him that he's moving much too fast, thus echoing the sentiments of viewers everywhere.

9. Briana's Thoughts?

Briana's Thoughts?
Remarkably, Bri actually seemed open to the idea. When asked how she would respond if Javi proposed, DeJesus giddily answered, "I don't know!"

10. The Hurricane Touches Down

The Hurricane Touches Down
Of course, Bri's not the only one bringing the drama this season. Her de facto partner in crime, Jenelle Evans, keeps finding new and bonkers ways to raise the bar.

11. An Unexpected Visit

An Unexpected Visit
The trailer shows Jenelle clashing with Child Protective Services officers who showed up at her home unannounced.

12. The Real Victim Here?

The Real Victim Here?
Naturally, Jenelle goes on the offensive, insisting that she's being unfairly targeted by the government and other haters.

13. We Beg to Differ...

We Beg to Differ...
“We have been harassed by you guys, by my ex; we don’t need it anymore!” Jenelle argues, seemingly refusing to let the officers into her home.

14. The Tell-Tale Hole

The Tell-Tale Hole
As many fans have pointed out, it looks as though someone in the house punched a hole in a door. The physical evidence comes on the heels of accusations that David has behaved abusively toward Jenelle's children.

15. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
Meanwhile, Chelsea is experiencing drama with her ne'er-do-well baby daddy, Adam Lind. Now, it seems his parents have gotten in on the act, as Chelsea tearfully reports that Lind's mother was "really mean" in court.

16. Superman

Fortunately, Chelsea has something that the other moms in the franchise lack - the love and support of a caring, selfless husband.

17. Speaking of Husbands...

Speaking of Husbands...
We also learn in the trailer that Leah Messer recently hooked up with her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

18. Cautiously Optimistic

Cautiously Optimistic
Asked what the future may hold, Leah sounds hopeful, saying, “Does it make me feel like Addie could have her family back together? Yes."

19. They've Come a Long Way

They've Come a Long Way
Needless to say, much has changed since TM2 debuted back in 2011, and it seems that now more than ever, change is the only constant in the lives of these famous moms.

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