Blake Lively: Did She Just Confirm She's Divorcing Ryan Reynolds?

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Last month, a rumor that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were headed for divorce made its way across the social media landscape.

At the time, the notion seemed somewhat ridiculous.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the Globes

After all, Reynolds and Lively have long enjoyed a reputation as one of Hollywood's happiest and most stable couples.

But to shock and chagrin of fans, reports of Blake and Ryan calling it quits just kept rolling in.

"The past few years, Ryan's been working out of town while Blake stays home with the kids," a source told Us Weekly.

"The distance between them has taken its toll."

Reynolds employed his signature sardonic wit to shoot down the first round of reports:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at 2017 MET Gala

"I wish," the actor tweeted. "I could use a little 'me time.'"

Fans were relieved, of course, and the controversy was thought to be over and done with.

But earlier this week, Lively's Instagram followers noticed that something was amiss on her page.

As Radar Online points out, not only had Lively deleted all photos of Reynolds from her page, she had also unfollowed him and changed her bio so that it read simply:

"What happened to Emily?"

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Image

Adding fuel to the fire, Lively then followed 28 accounts of women named Emily Nelson.

And like that, Emily Nelson became 2018's answer to "Becky with the good hair."

Fans assumed that Reynolds had been caught cheating and that Lively was determined to get to the bottom of his infidelity by hunting Nelson down.

Sadly, this high drama nosedived into a disappointing conclusion today when it was revealed that "Emily Nelson" is merely the name of a character Lively is playing in an upcoming film,

Yes, it was all an elaborate promotional stunt.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kids

Whenever you roll your eyes about something like this, some smart ass always has to chime in with, "Well, I guess it worked! You're talking about it, aren't you?!"

Sure. In that sense, it worked.

But apparently the film in question - A Simple Favor - doesn't open until September!

Does Blake really think this stunt is gonna stick with potential moviegoers for the next four months?!

She'd have to actually divorce Ryan to win our attention for that long.

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