Lani Blair: Banging Tristan Thompson During the Playoffs?!?

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Earlier this week, Tristan Thompson broke his social media silence.

The professional basketball player shared his first message on Instagram Sunday night, but he didn't issue any sort of apology for stepping out on Khloe Kardashian multiple times over the past few months.

And perhaps we now know why.

Lani Selfie

Perhaps Thompson isn't actually sorry for his duplicitous actions.

These actions, of course, include allegedly sleeping with women when Khloe was three months pregnant and then again when she was eight months pregnant.

There's a very good chance he slept with others, as well, but these instances were the ones actually documented on surveillance video footage obtained by The Daily Mail and TMZ.

But none of this is news any longer.

If you're a fan of celebrity gossip, you've very well aware at this point that Thompson has been cheating regularly on Kardashian.

Did you know the following, however:

He STILL may be cheating!

Tristan Thompson with the Ball

We mentioned above that Thompson likely doesn't regret his dishonest behavior of late because a new tabloid report alleges that he hasn't changed it one bit.

According to In Touch Weekly, Thompson asked Khloe before round one of the playoffs whether she wanted the four box seats Cleveland allocated to him for home playoff games.

She said no (because, d'uh!), a source tells this tabloid, prompting Thompson to give the tickets instead to ... Lani Brown!

Yes, that Lani Brown!

The same Lani Brown who is among the women Tristan has been slipping his penis to at various points over the past year or so.

Now, just because Brown accepted these tickets, does that mean she also accepted Tristan into her bed after he played in the aforementioned playoffs games?

Yes. We're just gonna go ahead and say yes, that is exactly what it means.

Lani Blair Insta Pic

We'd ask Brown whether this rumor is true, but she isn't speaking to The Hollywood Gossip at the moment.

Or any website or person connected to the Internet.

The Instagram model has disabled comments on her social media account after a variety of users left vicious remarks on her photos.

One example read: "Hope your next man does the same thing to you as you did to her.

And another: "She just wants to get famous off the Kardashians... just because she has nothing else going for her so being a mistress was her key to fame."

Aggressive, right?


Thompson, meanwhile, will be in Toronto most of this week, as the Cavs tip-off round two of the playoffs against the Raptors.

He'll return to Cleveland for game three on Saturday, but it remains unclear if he'll even go back to a home also occupied by his baby mama and daughter.

Recent reports state that Khloe is still living in Cleveland, but not under Tristan's roof.

Will she finally end the romance after all of Thompson's cheating?

Sources say she's torn, but she's feeling pressure from her relatives to do so.

"The family has given Khloe an ultimatum: 'It’s Tristan or us,'" an insider tells In Touch Weekly, adding:

"None of the family [members] can stand to be around Tristan. Kris told him to his face that she was disgusted by his behavior."

So are we.

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