Prince Louis Officially Exists! See His Birth Certificate!

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He's here, folks!

The Royal Baby is officially here!

What's that now? You already knew that Kate Middleton gave birth to a gorgeous little boy back on April 23 and you even knew she named him Louis?

The Royal Welcome

Or, to be exact, Prince Louis Arthur Charles?

Yes, you're right.

Both these developments have already taken place.

However, Kensington Palace released the newborn's birth certificate on Tuesday, making this child's birth truly, completely, legally official and exciting.

The document (below) is chock full of basic nuggets regarding little Louis, such as where he was born; he gender; and the names of his parents.

One thing that jumps out to us, however, is the listed occupation of those parents.

As you can see here, William is dubbed “Prince of the United Kingdom," while Middleton is referred to as “Princess of the United Kingdom.”

These aren't titles with which we weren't already familiar of course -- it's just funny to see someone's job listed as "Prince" or "Princess."

louis certificate

Unlike his siblings - Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2 - Louis’ birth certificate is typed and not handwritten.

We don't know why this is or if it means anything, but we figured we'd point it out.

We can confirm, however, that Prince William signed the document above at his Kensington Palace residence on Tuesday, May 1.

It was witnessed by Westminster City Council registrar Patricia Gordon. 

“It has been a great honor to register and formally welcome the latest addition to the royal family, Prince Louis Arthur Charles,” Gordon said in a statement, adding:

“This follows a long history of Westminster City Council registering royal bites including Prince Louis’ siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte.”

All Smiles

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child was born at the private maternity unit of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington on Monday, April 23, at 11.01am.

He weighed in at 8lb., 7oz. and he was shown off to the world just seven hours later when Mom and Dad posed for photographers in London outside the hospital.

The royal family’s latest addition was probably named after Prince Philip’s late uncle Louis Mountbatten.

While we've heard a lot of speculation regarding the name Louis, we do know that Mountbatten was assassinated by members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army during a trip to Ireland in 1979.

Sad stuff.

Worthy of a tribute, we'd say.

With Her Little Prince

Back on April 25, William told reporters that his new son was sleeping "reasonably well" and behaving himself.

He added that his beloved wife was also doing well (and also behaving herself, we assume, hehe).

Overall, parenthood suits Kate and William "really well," a friend recently told People Magazine.

This friend added that the famous stars "are enjoying it and are very happy.”

That makes us really happy to hear!

Check out a slew of Prince Louis photos right here and now:

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