Teen Mom OG Recap: One Life to Live

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Last night on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 18, the season finale, Maci Bookout learned that her ex, Ryan Edwards, is expecting.

She discovered this only through their son Bentley, however, and that wasn't even the biggest Edwards bombshell to come.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that Ryan and his new wife Mackenzie have been up against it from the beginning.

With the news that Mackenzie Standifer is pregnant came joy, but obvious trepidation among fans concerned for his well being.

Ryan, after all, has a serious drug problem.

Obviously, with this in mind, Maci wasn’t too thrilled about the news, given his addiction history and performance as a dad so far.

Bookout told her mother that not her problem and it’s Ryan’s issue to deal with. Maybe so, but it's now Mackenzie's as well ...

Ryan Edwards: A Photo

Ryan allegedly fell asleep on their way home from somewhere, bringing back memories of driving high to their wedding last year.

Once they got home, Edwards said he was sick of Mackenzie always bothering him. Then he threw out a ridiculous suggestion:

That they “separate for none months” until she gives birth to their baby, because her recent “behavior” is due to her pregnancy.

You can't make this stuff up, people.

It remains to be seen if they went through with this, but reports indicate that pregnant Mackenzie dumped Ryan after his arrest ...

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell came home from rehab only to decide just a few days later that she wasn't ready and needed to go back.

The poor girl is struggling so much.

Specifically, she did not trust herself handling her medications, and felt she had to be in a treatment facility for suicidal thoughts.

Suffering from severe anxiety, she was adamant about returning to Arizona, rather than seeking outpatient help in Michigan.

Tyler Baltierra was a bit puzzled by her decision, along with her assertion that her young daughter “can manage” with her gone.

Tyler did not care for that comment.

For now, he's supporting her and doing the best he can to help her hold the family together. But that is an increasingly big task.

In Indiana, Amber Portwood continued to struggle with co-parenting after Leah made plans with a friend during "her" weekend.

At the same time, Andrew Glennon accepted a producing job in California - for two months, not long after their baby's delivery.

Amber seemed happy for him, which came as a bit of a surprise, and even hinted at a move to the Golden State in the future.

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