The Voice Recap: Who Made It to the Live Playoffs?

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The Knockouts came to a close Monday night on NBC's The Voice, and that meant the coaching panel used up the rest of their saves and steals as they firmed up their teams ahead of the Live Playoffs. 

This is the stage of the competition in which the coaches tend to clip their weakest players to stand a chance of being the coach with the winning contestant. 

The Voice Season 14 Coaching Panel

The Voice Season 14 has been moving at breakneck pace, and that's probably down to the fact that the judging panel has been reinvigorated with the addition of Kelly Clarkson. 

Let's break down the final Knockouts of the season.

Team Kelly: D.R. King singing “(I Know) I’m Losing You” vs. Tish Haynes Keys singing “Lady Marmalade” 

D.R. turned in a solid rendition of this classic song that was filled with soul and emotion. You could tell he knew he was skating on thin ice and needed to tower above the competition to make it through to the next stage. 

Unfortunately, Tish's performance was considerably less polished, and you could tell who utilized the rehearsal time the most. 

Winner: D.R. 

Steal/Save: N/A

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14

Team Blake: Wilkes singing “The Climb” vs. Dylan Hartigan singing “You Are the Best Thing” 

Wilkes went with "The Climb," and it was a great performance. The vocals were off the charts, and there was a finesse when switching between the high and the low notes that worked out spectacularly. 

Dylan's performance was not great. There were a lot of problems with it. It felt rushed, and all over the place. 

Winner: Wilkes

Steal: Dylan to Team Kelly

Adam Levine on The Voice Season 14

Team Adam: Rayshun LaMarr singing “Fallin’” vs. Gary Edwards singing “Many Rivers to Cross”

The most surprising thing about both performances was that the two were excellent. They both have the skillset to become success stories. 

Winner: Rayshun

Steal: Barry to Team Blake

Team Kelly: Alexa Cappelli singing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” vs. Jorge Eduardo singing “Adorn” 

Alexa struggled with her performance, but she still emerged as better than Jorge. It was almost like both performers had decided they were done with the whole process. 

That's not a good thing considering one of them got through to the Live Playoffs. 

Winner: Alexa

The Voice Season 14 Panel

Team Alicia: Kelsea Johnson singing “Rise Up” vs. Sharane Calister singing “All I Could Do Was Cry” 

The show definitely saved the best for last. Kelsea and had a point to prove after her horrible battle, and she towered above the competition. 

Everything about this performance was fire when benchmarked next to her other ones this season. 

Sharane was also great but lacked the spark Kelsea had. That's not to say the performance was weak. 

It was great. 

Winner: Kelsea

Steal: Sharane to Team Adam

Okay, what did you think of the latest battles?

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The Voice continues Monday on NBC. 

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