Mackenzie Standifer DUMPS Ryan Edwards Following Arrest, Cheating Scandal?

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The hits just keep on coming for Ryan Edwards, who's currently rivaling Adam Lind as the most troubled baby daddy in the Teen Mom franchise.

Last week, Edwards was arrested for allegedly violating his probation by skipping a scheduled drug test.

Shortly thereafter, the world learned that Edwards had used Tinder to try and cheat on his long-suffering wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Sadly, all of this happened within days of news that Mackenzie is pregnant with Ryan's child.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Standifer has finally had enough...

1. A Troubled Marriage

A Troubled Marriage
Mackenzie and Ryan had trouble from the start, but their marriage has recently gone downhill much more rapidly than anyone could have expected.

2. A Bad Omen

A Bad Omen
Teen Mom OG fans will likely never forget the sight of Ryan losing consciousness while drivng to his own wedding. The scene prompted many viewers to warn Mackenzie about the dangers of entering a marriage with Edwards. Now, it seems their worst fears have been confirmed.

3. Downward Spiral

Downward Spiral
Last week, Ryan was arrested in Tennessee and held on $5,000 bail for an alleged probation violation. The probation stemmed from an April 2017 arrest for heroin possession.

4. A Misleading Statement?

A Misleading Statement?
Mackenzie addressed the matter publicly in a way that only left fans more confused. She insisted that Ryan was taken into custody simply so that he could be booked ... one year after his initial arrest. She's since been criticized for lying to the public, but it's possible that Ryan lied to her.

5. The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out
Yes, for a full year, Ryan and Mackenzie kept the the news of his possession arrest a secret. It seems even Ryan's baby mama, Maci Bookout, was kept in the dark. Maci has filed for an order of protection against Ryan after learning of his arrest and ongoing legal troubles.

6. And There's More...

And There's More...
To make matters worse, Ryan got caught up in an entirely different sort of scandal just days after his arrest. This one involved allegations that he'd been unfaithful to Standifer yet again...

7. Tinder Trouble

Tinder Trouble
Edwards has been accused of connecting with three separate women using the dating app Tinder. It's not the first time he's allegedly attempted to cheat on Mackenzie using an online dating profile.

8. The End of Her Rope

The End of Her Rope
Not surprisingly, Standifer is reportedly fed up with Edwards' sketchy behavior. Now, a source tells Radar Online that she may have finally kicked her shady husband to the curb.

9. Heading North

Heading North
Sources say Mackenzie fled Tennessee and headed for New York last week. Ryan did not accompany her, and the trip was reportedly an unscheduled, spur-of-the-moment affair.

10. An Urgent Trip?

An Urgent Trip?
Interestingly, Mackenzie made the trip at a time when she was supposed to have custody of her son - the ironically named Hudson.

11. Take Me to the River

Take Me to the River
Insiders say Mackenzie usually has Hudson from Friday to Tuesday, but this week, she made last-minute arrangements for the boy to stay with his father. Sounds like Mackenzie was pretty eager to get out of Dodge.

12. Where's Ryan?

Where's Ryan?
Mackenzie recently confirmed to Radar that she is, in fact, in New York. She did not, however, offer any detail regarding what prompted the surprise trip. Ryan, meanwhile, remains in Tennessee. He is not permitted to leave the state following his latest arrest.

13. Running From Her Problems?

Running From Her Problems?
Some fans think Ryan was initially supposed to join Mackenzie on her trip, but couldn't due to his latest legal woes. Others believe she decided to travel to a different state for the simple reason that she knows he couldn't follow. Either way, it looks as though Mackenzie was happy to put some distance between herself and Ryan.

14. Time to Think?

Time to Think?
For reasons that aren't entirely clear, the folks on Teen Mom Twitter are convinced that Mackenzie has fled to NYC to make up her mind about whether or not she should file for divorce from Edwards.

15. Awful Timing

Awful Timing
News of Ryan's latest bad behavior comes on the heels of reports that Mackenzie is pregnant. It will be the second child for both, and their first as a couple.

16. Coincidence?

News of Ryan's arrest came just one day after the public learned that Mackenzie is expecting. The timing prompted many fans to speculate that Ryan may have relapsed in response to learning he has another child on the way. It's important to bear in mind, however, that he likely knew about the pregnancy long before fans caught wind of it.

17. Rock Bottom?

Rock Bottom?
Obviously, it doesn't look as though things can get much worse for Ryan these days. His situation has led many fans to express hope that this is the rock bottom that will finally prompt him to turn things around.

18. Unlikely Allies?

Unlikely Allies?
Some have even speculated that Mackenzie might be looking to join forces with Maci in order to stage an intervention that might finally inspire Ryan to get clean.

19. Ryan Needs Help ASAP

Ryan Needs Help ASAP
This is a man who struggled with addiction and mental health issues at a time when everything was going well for him. These days, Ryan's whole world is falling apart. Even if Mackenzie decides the best thing for her to do is leave Edwards, we hope she'll participate in the effort to get him back into treatment.

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