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Kylie Jenner seems to love her daughter.

We’re not about to say otherwise.

But that doesn’t mean the reality star loved being pregnant with her daughter.

Kylie Jenner: This is My Tummy!
Photo via Instagram

In fact, Kylie seems to be going out of her way these days to try and make Instagram followers forget she ever had a human being growing inside of her.

As was the case with sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian before her, Jenner is focused on one thing and one thing only in the weeks after giving birth.

The well-being of little Stormi?

We guess so.

Okay, fine. So Kylie is focused on two things:

  1. The well-being of little Stormi.
  2. Regaining that sleek bikini body that earned her so many fans on the Internet.

This has been made evident again and again, most notably when Kylie shared a throwback bathing suit photo and captioned it "summer goals."

On Wednesday, meanwhile, Jenner shared a few new pictures of herself on Instagram.

The first, above, features a smirking Kylie giving fans just a quick glimpse of her stomach.

Kylie Jenner: Come Hither, Folks!
Photo via Instagram

It was shared just two months after she welcomed Stormi into the world, which is both impressive and depressing.

Impressive, because she must have worked hard in order to slim down this quickly.

Depressing, because she and her family care way too much about losing weight, setting an awful example for other young women and new mothers around the world.

We’ve said this many times before.

It’s not worth rehashing the same points over and over.

But even Travis Scott was apparently down with Kylie’s body before she went back into the gym and went on a crazy diet.

An earlier report claimed Scott was all about banging his baby mama long before she shed so many pounds.

Kylie Jenner with a Smirk
Photo via Instagram

Nevertheless: insiders have told People Magazine that the 20-year old wants to be a “really hot young mom.”

These same sources say the Kylie Cosmetics mogul has been “super determined to get back to her pre-pregnancy body."

That much is obvious, wouldn’t you agree?

In conclusion, this publication writes that fans should expect to see A LOT more skin from Kylie as the weeks and months go on.

Her plan is to "flaunt her progress more and more," which comes as no surprise to anyone remotely familiar with her family.

Mommy and Cute Daughter
Photo via Instagram

And, just to be clear, we don’t fault Kylie for wanting to look good.

We aren’t trying to tell her what to do or how to live.

If she wants to work out and cut down on the calories and feel secure again when she looks in a mirror… hey, go for it! We get it.

We simply object to the way she makes this weight loss goal both so public and seem so important while making it so public.

Not only are there more important things in life, but Kylie seems unaware that most people do not have access to personal chefs or trainers.

They cannot accomplish what she is able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

So maybe she should stop and realize that this flaunting of her progress is just making others feel bad about themselves.

Rant over.