Kylie Jenner to Her Bikini Body: I'm Getting You Back!

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We have no doubt that Kylie Jenner loves her daughter.

However, there may be something that Kylie Jenner loves even more than little Stormi: herself.

Specifically, her former self, by which we mean the figure Jenner used to show off on a regular basis nearly everyday via social media.

Kylie Jenner Via Snapchat

Just as Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian did before her, Kylie is dead set these days on acting like the worst version of herself.

She's all about setting a terrible example for women by focusing extensively on her post-baby body and emphasizing the importance of one losing one's pregnancy weight as soon as humanly possible.

(Editor's Note: As soon as humanly possible when one has a personal chef, a personal trainer and no regular job at which one needs to be everyday, we ought to add.)

Within weeks of welcoming Stormi into the world, Kylie has started to once again share sexy snapshots of herself on Instagram.

She believes anyone who has a problem with the ways in which she's shedding these pounds (e.g. using a stupid waist trainer) is just jealous of her body, as she's intent on regaining the svelte stomach that has helped make her famous.

How close is she to doing so after seven weeks?

Surprisingly close, based on the Snapchat video Jenner posted over the weekend.

See it here for yourself:

Prior to sharing this footage, Kylie jumped into a hot tub with best friend Jordyn Woods and also shared a few pictures from that fun outing.

The 20-year old reality star is wearing a one-piece bathing suit in these images, but it's very clear that her goal is to break that attire into two.

She wants to be rocking a bikini again in just a couple months, as evidenced by a throwback photo Kylie also shared online this weekend.

It hearkens back to a simpler time, when Jenner did not have a tiny human at home to care for, and and it included a very simple caption:

summer goals.

Summer Goals

Regular readers of The Hollywood Gossip have likely heard us say this before.

But we're going to say it again:

Of course it's perfectly fine for Kylie Jenner to have weight loss goals.

It's completely cool for her to want to lose some weight and get back to a body that makes her comfortable and proud.

We have no objection at all to such a personal desire.

Mommy and Cute Daughter

Instead, we object to the way Kylie and her sisters have made this sort of endeavor so public.

Not every new mother out there has access to the personal chef and/or trainer that we mentioned above.

They're busy and stressed out enough trying to keep their baby happy and healthy, while maybe balancing a job or other responsibilities at home, without worrying about numbers on a scale.

It's a luxury that someone like Jenner can afford to give birth and then almost instantly get back into an intense workout and diet routine.

In general, we've pleaded for years for members of this family to stop prioritizing weight loss and bikini bodies and ideal figures on social media.

It just sets a bad example for their millions and millions of followers, many of whom are young women.

There was actually a time when Kim and Khloe embraced their curves, long before waist training companies and diet shakes tossed money their way to shill for their products.

You want to throw things back to your tight bod, Kylie, as mentioned above?

We want to throw things back to that era. It was a simpler and healthier time.

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