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Before we get started, you need to know that this is a very lovely, super precious story about Kylie Jenner.

Just a super relatable little thing about a 20-year-old millionaire mom taking a moment from her newborn to attend a music festival.

Kylie Jenner with a Smirk
Photo via Instagram

We’ve all been there, right?

… Right?

Of course we haven’t: Kylie is in a really bizarre situation. She’s 20, she’ll be a billionaire in a few years, she’s got a two-month-old baby she had with a guy she’s been with for maybe a year now.

But hey, this is reality now. This is what’s happening.

And so when we learned that Kylie left little bitty Stormi at home to head out to Coachella, we weren’t too surprised.

Also not surprising?

Kylie Jenner Going to Coachella
Photo via Instagram

Her wig game is on point.

Kylie’s always broken out the colorful wigs for Coachella, and this year is no different.

In the photo above, she’s also advertising a product from her insanely successful makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics — she’s wearing one of her cream highlighters in the shade "cotton candy."

But while her makeup looks good and her wig is fun and all, what’s really important here is the caption she wrote for another Coachella selfie.

Are you ready? You’re not ready.

"I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom," she wrote, of course quoting the iconic Mean Girls.

Kylie Jenner with Pink Wig
Photo via Instagram

And it’s … it’s just … like … it’s a really great reference.

Because how often is Kylie in on the joke, you know? How often does she say something intentionally funny? It’s nice to laugh with her, you know?

Also the quote in Mean Girls was from Regina George’s mother — Amy Poehler’s character — and can’t you just see Kylie being that kind of mother in the coming years?

Trying to hang on desperately to her youth, trying to make friends with Stormi’s friends, being generally embarrassing.

Just give it about 15 years, it’s going to be amazing.

Anyway, Kylie and Kourtney Kardashian went to Coachella yesterday to host a party, and they also brought along their boyfriends, Travis Scott and Younes Bendjima.

Kylie Jenner Via Snapchat
Photo via instagram

Travis was there to perform, too, as his alias Cactus Jack, which … sure, whatever.

As you can imagine, Kylie’s photos and her decision to go off to the festival while Stormi stayed home got a whole lot of attention.

Several people complimented her on how great she looks, which is fair — she does look really nice here.

Many others asked if she would also be their mom, which is supposed to be a compliment but is usually just creepy.

And then the hate … oh, the hate …

"A child should get more love and affection from her mother than it does from nannies," one person lectured Kylie. "I just feel sorry for Stormi."

Mommy and Cute Daughter
Photo via Instagram

On that same note, someone else told her "Your baby must come first because she didn’t ask you to be born you chose it."

Another said that she wasn’t actually a cool mom, she’s a "dangerous mom bc ur not even thinking for toxic chemincals used on parfumerie hair dyes synthetic isn’t healthy for breast milk assuming someone besides a guy would need them for something."

And if you thought the comments couldn’t get any more nonsensical than that, thing again: another hater told her "YOU NEED JESUS OR YOULL BURN IN HELL FOREVER."

But the worst comments of all were from people who thought that Kylie was just making a statement about herself — yep, the Mean Girls reference flew right over some heads.

As painful as that may be, and as much as people don’t seem to understand that parents can do things on occasion without their children, Kylie looks great, and we’re sure she had a great time.

It’s just a shame she couldn’t have waited until Wednesday to wear pink.