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Despite what some may think, Kylie’s sleek stomach didn’t come from a laboratory. She might not be the fitness buff that a couple of her sisters have become, but she exercises.

She and Travis took precious baby Stormi on a walk

Stormi, of course, spent the walk in her stroller — she’s only two months old, folks! — but in the photos that Kylie shared, she looks unspeakably adorable.

Kylie Jenner and Baby Stormi
Photo via Instagram

Do you remember how, a number of years ago, people kept complaining about their former classmates posting baby photos on social media? They even came up with apps and browser add-ons to block baby pics.

Those people were fools.

Why? Because babies are absolutely, unspeakably adorable. Stormi Webster is no exception.

Stormi, as we mentioned, is barely two months old. She’s growing more and more every day.

And her sweet baby cheeks will make you want to weep.

Take a look:

Stormi Webster in a Stroller
Photo via Instagram

"Walk [with] mommy and daddy," Kylie writes, announcing that Travis Scott was with her on this outing.

It’s so cute that they’re doing things as a family.

Though, to be clear, they’re not yet married.

And Kylie recently destroyed the claim that Travis Scott is now being managed by Stormi’s grandmomager, Kris Jenner.

But just because their brands aren’t fully entwined doesn’t mean that Kylie and Travis can’t go on normal outings with their baby like other parents.

Stormi, it seems, was lulled to sleep by the adventure.

Stormi Webster Asleep in Her Stroller
Photo via Instagram

"Sleepy Stormi," Kylie writes.

Remember, babies spend a lot of time sleeping — with good reason.

They’re growing up. In fact, they’ll never grow faster than they do when they’re this young. They can double in size within the space of their first couple of months of life.

Some people, to our horror, body-shame babies and think that babies with chubby cheeks and fat legs need to be put on diets. That can be potentially fatal for a baby.

Again, they need to store that energy in order to grow up to their adult selves. Stormi’s big ol’ cheeks are a sign that she’s a healthy baby who’s getting the proper nutrition.

They also help to make her just as cute as a button.

Storm is Sleeping
Photo via Instagram

People reports the details on Stormi’s stroller. As you can imagine, she didn’t just buy any old stroller.

"Stormi’s $400 PIPA lite lx car seat by Nuna is one of her parents’ go-to baby accessories, including a tricked-out pink stroller from CYBEX by Jeremy Scott."

Kylie’s pink version reportedly has "cherubs, dollar signs, gold wheels, and gold wings."

Honestly, that is all so extra

But you know what? Good for Kylie and for Travis for not settling for anything less for the most important person in their lives.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, Close Up
Photo via Instagram

This is the first that Kylie’s shared of Stormi since Stormi experienced her very first Easter.

One can only imagine how little since a baby can make of holiday decorations and traditions. April 1 was not only Easter, but exactly two months after Stormi’s day of birth.

Honestly? The vast majority of babies have zero conscious memory-retention from that age.

But that’s okay! Every single day, Stormi’s brain is developing and she’s learning new things about the world and growing more familiar with how it works.

Our apologies if these images or this post have made anyone’s biological clock start ticking in their ears.

Cute babies can have that effect on people.