Kim Kardashian Reminds the World of Her Bikini Body

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With Kylie Jenner working hard these days to regain the bikini body that has earned her over 100 million Instagram followers, Kim Kardashian is here with a message.

And it goes something like this:

Bow down before my family's one true bikini body! 

Kim Kardashian in the Water

Indeed, the 37-year old is on vacation at the moment with Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima in Turks and Caicos -- and it's clear she's on a couple missions while taking a break from her kids:

1. Get a lot of sun.

2. Remind the world that she possesses the curves and cleavage about which every warm-blooded male with an Internet connection fantasizes on a daily basis.

Kardashian had taken a mini hiatus from flaunting her bare skin, choosing instead over the past several weeks to focus on the addition of Chicago West to her adorable brood.

(Chicago, born via surrogate to Kim and Kanye West, joined siblings North and Saint, on January 15, 2018.)

But Kim is now back and focused on proving to the universe that she never really went away.

Just consider THIS underwear selfie.

And the following sizzling picture:

Kim Kardashian in Black Bikini

Kim did not really include any captions with this fresh array of sexy snapshots.

At one point, she wrote "morning."

At another, she included emojis of a palm tree, a surfer, a bathing suit and a shell.

It's hard not to speculate and figure that Kardashian has chosen to reemerge from her layered shell in order to calm her sisters down a bit; to slow their seductive roles.

These photos, after all, come on the heels of Kourtney sharing a number of her own pictures from this same trip.

Were those photos attractive? Sure. Click on the above link to see for yourself.

Kim Kardashian in the Sun

But they come across as G-Rated when compared to Kim's R-Rated images above and below.

Prior to this run of raunchiness on social media, Kardashian shared a rare photo of herself, Kanye and all three children.

It continued her ongoing theme at the time of coming across a bit more maternally, of depicting for everyone a lifestyle that involves far less time in lingerie and far more time warming up bottles of formula.

And it's certainly true, Kardashian has come a LONG way from the woman who once balanced a champagne glass on her raised butt for Paper Magazine while aiming to break the Internet.

Still, it's important that she reminds the Web every now and then:

I can still be that carefree gal when I want to be!

Kim Kardashian: Very Pretty in Pink

It's safe to assume at this point that Kim's days of posing nude are over.

You never really know, but she doesn't need to take all her clothes off any longer in order to prove any points or earn any money or followers.

But take a few off in order to re-establish herself as the preeminent bikini-wearer in her family, if not the entire on the entire Internet?

Sure, why not?!?

Kim Kardashian Bikini Selfie

So... take your time, sit back and click on these new Kim Kardashian bikini pictures.

Which is your favorite?

Which is your least favorite?

Do you think Kim still has it?

Or have the days of Kim Kardashian as a bikini model passed her by?

Ogle. Drool. And sound off below!

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