Stevie J: Headed to Jail for Being a Deadbeat Dad?!?

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Love, Hip Hop and... jail time?

Maybe so for Stevie J.

Stevie J: A Selfie

The VH1 reality star is in rather serious trouble with the law, according to TMZ, and may very well face prison time in the near future for failure to pay child support.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York tells this celebrity gossip website that Stevie must turn himself in to authorities by April 10 because has fallen way behind with these payments.

By how much, exactly?

The occasional rapper reportedly owes $1.3 million in back child support!

This is typically a state issue, but it's atypical for someone to owe this much money.

Considering the amount and considering the length of time Stevie has been in arrears (along with the fact that Stevie and the baby mamas involved live in different states), this case has been moved to the federal level.

That does not bode well for Mr. J.

Leave it to Stevie J

Stevie rose to fame as a critical cast member in the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

He was even given his own spinoff, Leave It to Stevie, but it only lasted a single season.

Back in February of last year, Stevie pleaded guilty to failure to pay child support, accepting responsibility at the time and being ordered to make good on $1,304,835.86.

Yet he has failed to make a dent in this giant number in the 12 months since.

As a result, federal prosecutors plan to toss Stevie in the clink after he turns himself in, something that we heard was a possibility as far back as January of 2017.

Joseline and Steven J

Stevie has SIX children overall, by multiple women.

He most recently welcomed a daughter named Bonnie Bella with on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again girlfriend Joseline Hernandez.

The two have engaged in a number of epic fights and traded a multitude of crazy insults over the years, but they appeared to reach a detente last May, as Joseline shared a number of cute baby photos online.

We can't say for certain whether Joseline is the woman to whom Stevie owes child support, but odds are very strong that he owes these legally-obligated payments to more than one individual.

After all, we're talking about $1.3 million here.

That's a mammoth chunk of change!

Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and Baby

As a matter of record in this scandal, here's a rundown of Stevie's kids and baby mamas:

- Son Dorian Jordan was born in 1995. His mother is someone named Rhonda Henderson.

- Daughter Sadie Jordan was also born in 1995 (LOL) and her mother is someone named Felicia Stover.

- Son Steve Jordan was born in 1997 and daughter Savannah Jordan was born in 1998. They were each birthed by Carol Antoinette Bennett.

- Daughter Eva Giselle Jorda was born in 2009. Her mother is VH1 star Mimi Faust.

- And then Bonnie Bella Jordan was born to Joseline and Stevie in December of 2016.

The real question here is whether or not Stevie can actually name all of his children.

We somehow doubt it.

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