Stevie J: Going to Prison For $1.3M in Unpaid Child Support?!

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If you watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta online, you know Stevie J is always at the center of drama, on and off the smash hit VH1 show.

Crazily, he's in so deep when it comes to his previous child support arrangements that his recent baby drama with Joseline feels tame.

Leave it to Stevie J

He just had another kid with Joseline (and is possibly expecting another with Ms. Jackson), even as he's struggling to support his others.

Stevie J's unpaid child support stands at $1.3 million (!) and he's so far behind, a federal prosecutor wants him to pay - with hard time.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says the reality star's track record of ignoring his child support responsibilities has been flagrant and disrespectful.

In court documents, Bharara points out that the music producer (real name Steven Jordan) has already gotten plenty of "second chances."

Whether he fails drug tests or simply doesn't learn his lesson, the situation has not improved, and Bharara is ready to throw the book at him.

The prosecutor wants him locked up for at least six months.

Stevie J Chomps on Cigar

Given that's he's admitted flaking on child support payments and has a history of other legal lapses, Stevie is facing serious jail time.

Last fall, he confessed skipping child support payments for two of his kids, spanning 1999-2015 and totaling approximately $1.3 million.

Compounding the troubled reality TV personality's issues is the fact that he also recently came clean about using drugs while on parole.

That would be a major no-no by any measure.

In his final statement with the New York District Court where the Stevie J child support trial is ongoing, Bharara requested that he do time.

TMZ cites a source stating that because the government believes he "repeatedly screws up" with no remorse, he deserves what he gets.

Stevie Tweets

That may be, but if he's scared about being sent away, you wouldn't know it by Stevie J's twitter, where he continues to be pretty upbeat.

Reading those inspirational words is interesting.

On the plus side for Stevie, he's trying to squash his beef with Joseline, and remains on good terms with recent baby mama Mimi Faust.

On the negative side ... well, everything else.

He's certainly swimming through troubled waters, but not a lot of people we know would be so optimistic under these kinds of circumstances.

That or the man is blissfully clueless.

Somehow we think that when it comes to prosecuting deadbeats, the U.S. and its representatives can swim fairly well in this metaphor.

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