Joseline Hernandez Baby Pics: Look What I Made with Stevie J!

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Over the past several months, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J fought over pretty much everything.

The former said the latter was a child molester, while the latter claimed the former took drugs while pregnant.

It may have been ugly, but it was also entertaining.

Stevie J, Daughter

Now, however, we've finally found something on which Joseline and Stevie can agree; something on which there's no room for debate, there's nothing to go back and forth on.

And that something is actually a someone:

The ex-couple's daughter, Bonnie Bella!

Hernandez gave birth to the precious bundle of joy on December 28, but VH1 didn't air a special chronicling this miracle and Joseline's journey to motherhood until Monday night.

Fortunately, Love & Hip Hop: Joseline’s Special Delivery came through where it mattered most.

The installment took fans behind the scenes of Joseline and Stevie's unique relationship, while also providing us with ample Bonnie Bella time.

First, we bore witness to Joseline’s very challenging delivery, as she decided to forgo an epidural and have Bonnie while sitting in a tub of water for some reason.

Following hours of painful contractions, the reality star finally pushed out her little one - and, although, Stevie missed his youngest daughter entering the world, Joseline invited her ex-lover over to spend time with the newborn later that day.

Despite all the craziness between Hernandez and Stevie over the years, both have acknowledged that they now have a responsibility as mother and father to be civil.

Back in January, Stevie came right out and said he and Joseline must focus on being the "best parents" possible for the sake of their child.

And what a cute child she is!

In the wake of this VH1 special, Joseline took to Instagram and shared a couple brand new pictures of little Bonnie. To wit:

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J Baby

This is the tyke's first-ever Instagram photo.

But she's already posing like a pro.

Note how the adorable tiny human is staring into the camera while wearing a rose-shaped bow headband over her impressive head of curls.

She's also rocking a blinged-out necklace that features her initials.

“You’re an amazing, beautiful young lady," Joseline said on social media as an accompaniment to these images.

"You are so smart - look at you! You make mommy so proud."

Bonnie Bella

During this Love & Hip Hop special, Joseline had trouble holding back tears at time.

It's clear the roller coaster romance with Stevie has been made worthwhile.

“As I look at Bonnie and hold her for the first time, it’s like — this is unbelievable,” she said in a confessional, adding:

“There is nothing better that you can accomplish in the whole wide world than to be a mother and it’s a feeling that nobody can explain."

Sadly, there's been talk that a custody battle may be brewing over Bonnie, but you never know for sure what will happen between her unstable parents.

Heck, they may go out and get married tomorrow!

“Bonnie has really brought them closer together and they’ve been sharing some pretty intimate moments since her birth,” a source told Hollywood Life last month.

Intimate naked moments? Moments that could lead to a reconciliation?

Only time will tell, folks. Only time.

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